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PJXtra 11 + French Song Battle Royale -- RESULTS

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Derek, Sep 3, 2021.

  1. I'm detecting some anti-PJRetro/PJ00s bias in these poll results.
  2. Feel like pure shit, just want to hear the songs.
  3. The song list will hopefully be posted soon! We just have a few more songs pending veto panel clearance.

    There is also one person who hasn't submitted a backup, but it's been five days since I first PM'd them and they haven't responded, so unless they re-submit very soon, we'll probably have to proceed without them...
  4. In case they don't respond, only a few submissions are waiting on the final decision and the list should be complete then.
  5. In the meantime, as we await the list... more French songs!

    FRENCH SONG BATTLE - HEAT 3 [YouTube playlist]

    1. Videoclub - Euphories (5/34 in PJXtra 7; 90 points; submitted by @berserkboi)
    2. Alizée - J'en ai marre ! [alternate version] (6/36 in PJSC 26; 88 points; submitted by @TéléDex + 1/33 in PJ00s Second Chance 2; 132 points; submitted by @Hurricane Drunk)
    3. Madame Monsieur - Cœurs abîmés (1/29 in PJXtra 10; 107 points; submitted by @Derek)
    4. Zazie - Un point c'est toi (1/33 in PJ Retro 13; 136 points; submitted by @soratami)
    5. Etienne Daho - Bleu comme toi (4/31 in PJ Retro 64; 89 points; submitted by @Hurricane Drunk)
    6. Julia - SEXTO (3/41 in PJSC 71; 120 points; submitted by @soratami)
    7. Lara Fabian - Papillon (4/20 in PJXtra 3; 77 points; submitted by @berserkboi)
    8. Anggun - Face au vent (3/34 in PJXtra 1; 110 points; submitted by @londonrain)

    Vote here by Tuesday, September 14 @ 11:59pm BST
  6. #EmBreve
  7. I'm almost positive I submitted a French song recently. Maybe it was a different contest. You'd think I would keep track....
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2021
  8. NOT Hitam from my shortlist.
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  9. Mentally preparing myself for another last place in this contest...
  10. But there’s no @Filippa and no @DominoDancing so I will be last!
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  11. This might be the first time in PJXtra a song from my shortlist hath been pillaged! No contest is safe from THIEVERY AND SHENANIGANS.
  12. I think I'll at least do better than I did last round here keke let the tide turn!
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  13. Noo!! Where are they?!
  14. In my case, just old and tired, and now that the social calendar is a little bit fuller again, this just slipped me by. Sorry!
  15. I relate
  16. I'm 9 songs in.
  17. Not sure if this gif is supposed to mean you're bored/unimpressed, or that you're worried about your song's prospects dd
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