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PJXtra 11 + French Song Battle Royale -- RESULTS

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Derek, Sep 3, 2021.

  1. I'd better be in heat 4.
    (Or my artist better be there.)
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  2. FRENCH SONG BATTLE - HEAT 4 [YouTube playlist]

    1. Jeanne Mas - Toute première fois (3/37 in PJ Retro 41; 116 points; submitted by @Bleu Noir)
    2. Jenifer - Au soleil (3/37 in PJ00s 33; 87 points; submitted by @berserkboi)
    3. Indila - Dernière danse (1/33 in PJSC 15; 133 points; submitted by @Oricon)
    4. Elsa Esnoult - Androgyne (1/47 in PJSC 85; 147 points; submitted by @soratami)
    5. Véronique Jannot - Aviateur (2/37 in PJ Retro 41; 152 points; submitted by @soratami)
    6. Mylène Farmer - L'Âme-stram-gram (5/28 in PJ Retro 15; 81 points; submitted by @soratami)
    7. Partenaire Particulier - Partenaire particulier (1/33 in PJ Retro 57; 119 points; submitted by @berserkboi)
    8. Dalida - Mourir sur scène (6/42 in PJ Retro 40; 88 points; submitted by @berserkboi)

    Vote here by Saturday, September 18 @ 11:59pm BST

    (and comment below with any songs I snubbed that you think should have been included!)
  3. These were two of the last songs I had to cut!
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  4. Here's an entry of mine I really hoped would make it, because it was joint 4th in PJ Retro 62 before a three-way tie was broken and it became 6th:

    A bop!
  5. Seven out of the eight songs in that heat are 10s...

  6. Ha! This is a hard enough decision already, don’t worry!

    To think I thought the other HEATS were tough! Ddd
  7. This might be the strongest heat and I'm not even familiar with all of the songs!
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  8. Not @berserkboi’s and @soratami‘s entire discographies in one heat.
  9. Both @bleu noir and @Oricon seem to be gone so let me claim Indila as mine so I finally have that PJSC win! @soratami can have the great potential winner of Jeanne Mas’ Discography Rate as his! C’est égal!!
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  10. Meanwhile, poor @livefrommelbs only French entry snubbed! And it was a top-10 finisher, too!

  11. Thinking of @Derek's process - maybe it was only the round's best performing Top 10 French track that qualified (Sora and I were just lucky our hard work of getting French into everything paid off as there were many rounds we were the only Frenchies). Did another French song do better on the same round as Yelle, and ended up getting represented?
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  12. Upon digging up the thread it looks like Yelle were indeed the highest performing French track, but it's no biggy! Stan Noir anyway!
  13. How dare you snub a
    Bronze medal.

    A #7

    A #4

    A #9

    A #6

    I think we need a heat #5 so it's more fair.
  14. Two of these are from that PJOPS foreign language round I hosted!

    Here's my most successful French (but actually Polish) retro song in celebration:
  15. I absolutely agree with this. I personally want my song to have a chance, rather than be completely left out. And I know it's Melodifestivalen style.
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  16. Votes in, a pretty good round I think. My 12 is a new artist discovery whom
    is basically Zar bait. Thanks a bunch to whoever submitted it! It feels pretty
    good to be back on board with all of that foreign pop goodness!

    I'm hoping that my song will knock peoples socks off, entertain and wow. That's
    kinda what I'm going for. Very excited for the results! Also voted for the latest heat.

    Why do I keep thinking of cats in heat when I hear that word?
  17. I heard Videoclub while out and about yesterday, which is surprising considering I'm in the US!
  18. Exciting!!! Which song was it?

    I once heard Erreur 404 in a café in Melbourne and went back a few times as a result ddd
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  19. Voted. #TeamBops
  20. I think it was Amour Plastique.
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