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PJXtra 14: PJXtra vs PJSC: Winners crowned!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WoW73, Feb 25, 2022.

  1. Really enjoyed my first Xtra round, thank you @berserkboi and @WoW73. Wasn't sure how my song would go down, but Akini actually got more points than her PJSC entry last year. Thank you for the points (and a 12! @livefrommelbs). Big congrats @Up N Down on winning!
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  2. Hope you will be back next round which will start early May!
  3. Artists I knew already (besides my own entry):

    Javiera Mena
    Akini Jing
    Jia Huizhen
    Wednesday Campanella
    Juliette Armanet

    Which means everything else was totally new! I've never participated in one of these contests before because I wasn't sure if I could meet the deadlines, but it was really no big deal. Getting a brand new crowdsourced playlist of non-English pop was amazing and my #1 reason I'll be doing this again!
  4. Thanks to @WowWowWowWow and @tigersuit and @Up N Down for huge points, and klow, bubblegumboy, daninternational, cotton park for their contributions!
  5. Thank you so much to those that voted for "Fantasma":

    12: @iheartpoptarts
    10: @Cotton Park
    8: @Doodvid
    7: @berserkboi @Attis
    6: @Untouchable Ace
    5: @soratami
    4: @Phonetics Girl @unnameable
    3: @DominoDancing @pop3blow2
    2: @Derek

    I just needed one more point for the full complement!

    Cabiria released her album Ciudad de las dos lunas last year, though I only learned about it in January. It's a fantastic record and there were at least 4-5 songs that I could've entered here from it, but in the end I couldn't go past "Fantasma"'s sax solos and woozy, nostalgic, carnival-ride synths.

    I was a little worried that it might get lost in the crowd with so many great Spanish songs this round - I'm obsessed with "Hacia el Fondo" and "Litoranea" (3rd last?? Absolutely robbed!!) already, and "Disciplina" was my planned entry for round 15, so well done on beating me to it @livefrommelbs. And of course I am obliged to always give my support to Javiera - that horror-film organ is such a thrill!

    Félicitations of course to the top 3, especially to @Derek whose choice I already knew and loved.

    Looking forward to the next round - let me add my voice to the chorus and say that I have faith that @Up N Down would do a fabulous job!
  6. Thanks everyone for the points, shame to miss out on the top 10 at the last second, but not bad for a last minute replacement for my original entry (which had too much English dd).

    congrats @Up N Down ! Much preferred their PJSC winner (and there's a conversation to be had about eligibility there ddd) but enjoy your win and I look forward to your fabulous hosting!
  7. Well isn't it great there's something for everyone then dd.
  8. Now, someone open up that Danish music rate, I have to avenge Medina's mediocre reception in this round by keeping a Danish music thread on the front page of charts & rates.
  9. There's no new thread I'm missing yet, right?
  10. nn it isn't May yet.
  11. I have 2 new entries ready and I am scared someone enters them in PJSC (still traumatised by Vamos a Marte being lost like that from my list ddd - no shade to the entrant) or they catch on chart-wise.
  13. I hate when there's a round where French isn't allowed (like next one), that's most of my potential entries ineligible dd
  14. I'm sorry.
  15. As you should be. Make up for it by flopping in the next round please x
  16. It's almost May now

  17. Actually I now realized I was thinking of a different song which was in PJXtra nn.
  18. DO tell!!
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