PJXtra 14: PJXtra vs PJSC: Winners crowned!

Artists I knew already (besides my own entry):

Javiera Mena
Akini Jing
Jia Huizhen
Wednesday Campanella
Juliette Armanet

Which means everything else was totally new! I've never participated in one of these contests before because I wasn't sure if I could meet the deadlines, but it was really no big deal. Getting a brand new crowdsourced playlist of non-English pop was amazing and my #1 reason I'll be doing this again!
Thank you so much to those that voted for "Fantasma":

12: @iheartpoptarts
10: @Cotton Park
8: @Doodvid
7: @berserkboi @Attis
6: @Untouchable Ace
5: @soratami
4: @Phonetics Girl @unnameable
3: @DominoDancing @pop3blow2
2: @Derek

I just needed one more point for the full complement!

Cabiria released her album Ciudad de las dos lunas last year, though I only learned about it in January. It's a fantastic record and there were at least 4-5 songs that I could've entered here from it, but in the end I couldn't go past "Fantasma"'s sax solos and woozy, nostalgic, carnival-ride synths.

I was a little worried that it might get lost in the crowd with so many great Spanish songs this round - I'm obsessed with "Hacia el Fondo" and "Litoranea" (3rd last?? Absolutely robbed!!) already, and "Disciplina" was my planned entry for round 15, so well done on beating me to it @livefrommelbs. And of course I am obliged to always give my support to Javiera - that horror-film organ is such a thrill!

Félicitations of course to the top 3, especially to @Derek whose choice I already knew and loved.

Looking forward to the next round - let me add my voice to the chorus and say that I have faith that @Up N Down would do a fabulous job!
nn it isn't May yet.

It's almost May now