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PJXtra 18 - Life In Retro - Both Lists Out!! Side Theme Reveals DONE, MAIN Reveals DONE <3

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Nov 5, 2022.

  1. [​IMG]
    (Merci to the amazing @Doodvid for the Smash Hits Art!)

    Welcome to PJXtra 18 - celebrating your Second Annual Round where you can send us songs that have indeed cracked the Top 3 in a non UK/US Market!

    Or to put it in the words of our beautiful @If You Go (who hosted the first one):



    • Must be sung in any language other than English.
    • French-language songs will not be allowed, due to Requin Chagrin’s victory in the last round.
    • Features less than approx 20% English lyrics.
    • No Eurovision Song Contest entries (non-qualifying national final songs are eligible).
    • Performed by an artist with 30 pages or less of dedicated discussion on the PJ forum.
    • Artist didn’t participate in most recent PJXtra, or win the past 5 contests.
    • If a cover, will be subject to criteria including if original is already famous/successful.
    • Hasn’t previously been entered into either PJSC, PJ00s, PJ Retro or PJXtra.
    • For PJXtra songlist, look here. For other contests, view at the hub.
    • Released after the year 2000


    For this special edition of the contest - we are celebrating with a double! On top of your PJXtra Submission - I would like you to also send a Foreign Language Song from pre-2000 (French is allowed here!), and I want the hits!!​


    • This has to be a song that would not pass PJ Retro Veto! (if it is too obscure, I am vetoing it so you can use it and win RETRO in the future!)
    • No EUROVISION songs allowed (soz to Poupée de cire, Poupée de son but you have a whole sub-forum that already celebrates how iconic you are)
    • If you are sending a song by a massive PJ Artist who predominantly releases in English (say Madonna), please use a little known track by them instead of something like a Spanish version of Ray Of Light. If you want to send a Madonna Hit, just have it be sung by another artist (@invertedbutterfly can hook you up with an artist that has an album of just Madonna covers too!)
    • Act like Namie Amuro, Celine Dion, Mylene Farmer, Dalida etc can still have their FL Hits here since they predominantly (or at least evenly in Celine's case) sing in FL!
    • FL Covers on famous English songs are allowed - send me Bang Bang or Nothing Compares To You in Thai anytime!!

    Please send both options to @Doodvid and @berserkboi in a PM!


    SUBMISSIONS: Til November 12
    VOTING: Side Theme - Til November 25, Main Theme - Til December 9​
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  2. I was expecting an Easy round but the thread title had me startled that this is a pre-2000 PJXtra themed round ff
    Obviously I love the side theme!

    And the veto panel better be ready after the mess we had with this type of round last year ddd
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  3. I love this, it's like a 90s (80s?) computer game and I wanna go play Oregon Trail.
  4. Oh wow, Dalida wearing a jukebox as a fascinator probably to this years racing season.
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  5. You guys I was like two clicks away from almost entering a side theme bop from 2000 by accident.
  6. Invited Kath & Kim Queen! <3333
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  7. I had my suspicions when I saw the word "expansion" that Retro would be involved!
  8. Is the thread title a reference to "Life in Mono", a song by my first PJ Retro winner? Either way, I'll pretend it is.
  9. I remember when I brought a knife to a gunfight in last year's easy round. Won't be making that mistake again.
  10. The pagecount rule still makes the main round pretty restrictive by ruling out most of the major crossovers that would smash here. But the bonus will be a bloodbath (and one hell of a playlist)!
  11. Am I worthy of using this gif to represent myself?

  12. I was one player short of 40 in PJSC where were you?
  13. Clearly there is just one thing I can do in response.
  14. [​IMG]
    (For @WoW73 xxx)

    Alright - some VETOES to report!

    Samples a little song that invented homosexuality!

    Sent *titled* in English to PJSC previously!

    Way over page limit with their regular thread + rate!

    Many ineligibles as well this round, but not posting those <3333​
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  15. Awww, that is a cute google logo!
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  16. It's been an absolute mess at the veto panel this week. Stay tuned for more!
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