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PJXtra 18 - Life In Retro - Both Lists Out!! Side Theme Reveals DONE, MAIN Reveals DONE <3

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Nov 5, 2022.

  1. Some tea! We currently have 10 ballots in the spreadsheet, around a third of the way there:

    - One song has received points from 9/10 ballots and is coming third
    - One song remains on zero
    - An entry has already received 3 x 12s in the first 10 ballots - are more to come?
    - Hosts aren't currently doing crash hot!
    - In case you didn't notice - there's no French here fff
  2. Some of these participants better vote in time to save my entry from flopping!
  3. Oops just sent my votes.

    Had a very clear winner.
  4. My votes are coming today.
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  5. In case anyone is wondering where I was, I was trying to rehearse the stage adaptation of this scene to audition with, and trying to be as 'off book' as I can, even though I almost cannot, right now.

    But I'm listening and I hope my song does well.
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  6. All votes are in so let’s find out who sent what
    via the medium of 8-bit digitised graphics…




    2raumwohnung - Wir sind die anderen
    Submitted by @eatyourself



    Aisha Retno - SUTERA
    Submitted by @Ana Raquel



    Aitana, Emilia, Ptazeta - Quieres
    Submitted by @berserkboi

  7. [​IMG]



    Cream Soda - Плачу на техно (feat. ХЛЕБ)
    Submitted by @Isobel



    Daria Zawialow - Hej Hej!
    Submitted by @saviodxl



    Diana Karazon - Haida El Haki
    Submitted by @klow

  8. [​IMG]



    Domiziana - Ohne Benzin
    Submitted by @Alenko



    DooRi - Beauty Advisory
    Submitted by @Maki



    Ece Ronay - Karamela
    Submitted by @iheartpoptarts

  9. If only more people had the taste to appreciate the best Spanish song of the year and sent it to PJSC ages ago themselves ffff
  10. [​IMG]



    Emmanuel Jal & Nyaruach - Ti Chuong (Musumeci Supernatural Remix)
    Submitted by @Cotton Park



    Felicia Takman - Dansa Fult
    Submitted by @swim



    Go_A - Сонце
    Submitted by @Up N Down

  11. Are the reveals happening tonight?
  12. [​IMG]



    GOLF - Regenmann
    Submitted by @DominoDancing



    Helena Paparizou - Haide
    Submitted by @BubblegumBoy



    Helene Fischer - Liebe ist ein Tanz
    Submitted by @WoW73

  14. [​IMG]



    Hoàng Thuỳ Linh - See Tình
    Submitted by @daninternational



    In The Loop - Estate
    Submitted by @Zar-Unity



    Inshow-ha - 檸檬 [le:mon]
    Submitted by @A&E

  15. [​IMG]



    Justyna Steczkowska - D.N.A
    Submitted by @Tiger Suit



    Karol G - Provenza
    Submitted by @soratami



    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Isshindoutai
    Submitted by @TéléDex

  16. ^ All three of these are very:
  17. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's red bow looks so good in pixels.
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