PJXTRA 21: FL 2000s (vote by 01/06)

I'm kinda hoping these don't make much of an impression on me
Just listened to the first out of the three remaining entries and it's a 12-contender

I am once again inviting you to take part in the side theme.
And today I am here to highlight my favourite FL songs of PJ00s.

~★~Kasia Kowalska - Antidotum~★~

On all fronts 2002 was a stacked year. But, as it turns out, you can't quite beat the formative impact of this classic. Yes, Antidotum may be a standard self-help pop rock song but try screaming along to that chorus. Well, I just think it's cathartic! Even setting aside the sender's bias, I'd say 37th place was too low for this.

~★~Amel Bent - Ma Philosophie~★~

And we go from one underrated local hit to another. I've had a soft spot for this since I was 8 years old (seethe, boomers!) and I can honestly say hearing Ma philosophie while out and about never fails to put a smile on my face. We needed @berserkboi to have a win with Amel!


~★~Gosia Andrzejewicz - Pozwól żyć~★~

Ok, our friend Margaret here was never for the cool kids. Didn't stop my tween friends and me from blasting her albums back in the day and these are some of the more fun memories of my childhood. Pozwól żyć survives as the one song that stood the test of time from those days. I'm simply a sucker for an understated (for a pop song) production underpinned by a soft guitar. And, y'know, the self-empowerment pretences tend to get me lyrics-wise.
Voted tonight! As usual, I've been revisiting my shortlist and things fell into place nicely. There's one entry that just missed out that I feel like could've gotten points in most of the other rounds.
On that note, I think this is a very strong round when it comes to the highlights. I've been obsessed with my 12, I love it more then my own entry (omg yes it's possible).

This also means that I've finished all four contests and currently have no song lists to listen.

And for my last self-indulgent side theme write-up, another pair of songs with something in common.

~★~Goya - Mój~★~

For this rather forgotten Goya single, I'm lucky to have been around and not have missed its airplay window. Ah, I could just gush about the moody atmosphere that its instrumental manages to evoke. Honestly, the vocals are a nice addition but it's all about the piano melody meeting the guitar, just like the sound of rain meets thunder. I don't even listen to this band but the aural delight that Mój is always makes for an enriching 4 minutes.

~★~Mylène Farmer - Appelle mon numéro~★~

Listening to today's tracks in succession, I've come to a conclusion that the two are not dissimilar at all - both low-key, soft, dreamy vocal performances with production serving as the hook-in factor. In this aspect, Appelle mon numéro does not really stray from the rest of Point de suture - the Mylène album I've heard the most recently, due to finding out just a couple months ago that it'd made its way to Spotify. Appelle mon numéro sounds exactly like a Mylène Farmer album track released since Innamoramento, which makes it pretty much timeless, y'know, nothing about it screams 00s - and sometimes that's just enough for me. I mean, she already set my pussy on fire by writing the classic Alizée hits, a lifetime of chill is certainly earned after that, not to get too far off-topic by mentioning the prior 15 years of exquisite music.