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PJXtra 4: CLUB TROPICANA - We have a WINNER! Results start p.22

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Doodvid, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    O-Zone - 'Dragostea Din Tei'
    Submitted by @citoig

    "Summer fave is Dragostea Din Tei, but I'm gonna guess that's already gone!" - @citoig (ED - nope)

    AKA 'Maya Hi', 'Numa Numa', and 'Oh Lord - not this.'

    'Dragostea Din Tei' is the little song that really could, starting life as an unassuming Romanian #1 hit in 2003, before moving onto huge international success in 2004, and subsequently securing world-conquering internet infamy thanks to Gary Brolsma and this meme:

    The track sold in excess of 8 million copies worldwide, topped the charts in over 25 countries, and inspired a raft of covers including this 2004 paint-by-numbers remake from Romanian-Italian singer Haiducii which also hit the top 10 in many European markets and most notably reached #1 in Sweden amongst others:

    The song was also bizarrely (in my opinion) sampled by T.I. in his huge 2008 single 'Live Your Life' featuring Rihanna (an ironic title considering that, until this resurrection, most of the world had thought 'Dragostea Din Tei' had finally reached the end of its natural lifespan)

    Who knows where it will turn up next...*rictus grin*​
  2. This misinterpretation will haunt me until the day I die change it.
    (I won't ever change it).
  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Okay, but "live from Mel B's" sounds pretty exciting.

  4. I promise you Live from Melbs' is even more exciting! Especially if you love margaritas and living room dance parties.

    (When we're not in lockdown and Miss Rona is spoiling all the fun, of course).
  5. You're not alone. I keep reading it that way and just can't help it.
  6. I do too. I've never actually heard anyone call Melbourne "Melbs", so I never make that association.
  7. Spoken like a true Sydneysider.
  8. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Non-Melburnians hearing the word "Melbs":

  9. [​IMG]

    Еле́на Tерле́ева // Elena Terleeva - Солнце // Solnce
    Submitted by @If You Go

    "Солнце translates to 'sun', so that is my rationale for it being a summery banger" - @If You Go

    What is this 100% absolute bop?
    (no seriously, there's barely any information online for me to wholesale copy and paste)

    OK - here goes. *cracks knuckles* Yelena, or Elena as she is most well known, is a Russian pop star who found fame on the TV show 'Star Factory' finishing in a respectable 2nd place. Her Discogs entry, Wikipedia page, and website biography all appear to be at total odds with one another but piecing together the scraps suggests 'Солнце' was her biggest hit on release in 2007.

    I know it's fairly low-rent to have a chuckle about text that has quite obviously been through several translations from Russian to English before publication, but this snippet did raise a smile. Yup. I'm a child - sorry.
    She also lists her favourite artists as including Madonna, Whitney Houston, Ella Fitzgerald, George Michael (OK, TASTE) and Original Farmer (ERM. I think we can safely assume this is Mylène, although I did wonder if this was some new K-pop phenomenon we were yet to know about!)

    Last edited: Aug 13, 2020
  10. "New songs about main things" sounds like a great concept for a new song contest.
  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Original Farmer <3
  12. Just imagining the veto discussions about this has me reaching for the aspirin.
  13. Ok Elena Terleeva's biography in her official site is sending me

  14. Quite frankly I’m extremely thankful you’re not from the English northern town of Scunthorpe.
  15. Actually the first thing that came to mind when I read that were these PJ00s legends

  16. And please, even if you never watch any other clip from the Real Housewives of Melbourne in your life, watch this one and appreciate the total majesty of Opulent Queen Gina vs Evil Andrea. Actual art.

  17. HAHAHAHAHA! Except Loose Chippins never had one album, let alone a 'main album'.

    I'm re-watching RHOM from the start right now and this moment... just perfection.
  18. Some artists are too complex for the silly restraints of the album format.
    Yeeeeessssss! I did a rewatch of all 4 seasons early on in lockdown and I really do think it peaked with this gorgeous 7 minutes of televisual gold. It never really matched the ecstatic heights of this showdown again except for maybe “insignificant. arse. hair” or possibly Pettifleur and her meltdowns. And maybe her bizarre 50th birthday dance recital.
  19. I just watched this and I must say Gina is in fact a bit iconique.
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