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PJXtra 7: Around the World! Plane landed, scoreboard on page 1

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WoW73, Jan 2, 2021.

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    What a year 2020 has been….

    Though we had a lot of great music to (re)discover in the online song contests on this forum, there were no concerts, no Eurovision, and more importantly, no traveling.

    So for this round of PJXtra, the captain (@WoW73) and purser (@Doodvid) of DW Airlines
    want to invite you on a trip around the world!

    What if there was no COVID19, and you had all the time and funds you need –
    where in the world would you travel to for a vacation?

    The main round will have no restrictions other than the usual (see travel instructions below),
    but for the (non-mandatory) side-theme, we ask you to PM us your desired destination,
    and tell us why you chose it.
    Also, please include a song that would go on your travel-playlist,
    or a song from or about that country, city or area.
    The song can be anything, in any language, from any decade or century.

    The staff of DW Airlines will reveal your destinations in the weeks leading up to the reveals.

    Travel instructions (i.e., The Rules)
    Make sure to arrive in time at your local airport on the date of departure.
    Due to strict security measures, customs, luggage and check-in,
    it may take more time than expected.
    After landing on PJXtra airport, collect your luggage (i.e. your entry)
    and go through the customs check (i.e. the veto panel)

    Songs sung in any languages can be entered except English of course,
    plus the winning language of the previous round! – Korean.

    Reminder of the rules:
    Your entry:
    • is sung in any language other than that of the winning song from the most recent PJXtra contest and features less than 20% approximately of English lyrics.​
    • hasn’t charted in the top 3 anywhere in the world and isn’t a Eurovision Song Contest entry (non-qualifying national final songs are eligible).​
    • is performed by an artist with 30 pages or less of dedicated discussion on the Popjustice forum & didn’t participate in the most recent PJXtra competition.​
    • hasn’t previously been entered into either PJSC, PJ00s or PJXtra.​
    • if it is a cover version, is subject to certain criteria including if the song being covered is already famous/successful.​
    A winning artist in PJXtra is banned for the next 5 rounds.
    As stated above, a winning language is banned for the next round only.

    Each round, once the list of successful songs is published, you listen to them all, choose your favourite ten and allocate points as follows:

    12 points : your favourite song of the contest
    10 points : 2nd place
    8 points: 3rd place
    7 points
    6 points
    5 points
    4 points
    3 points
    2 points
    1 point

    Please keep your ballots secret, sharing them only with the host(/s) who will reveal the results once voting closes. You are unable to vote for your entry and any non-voters have their final total halved!

    Collecting your luggage
    You send your provisional entry to the hosts in a PM
    (incl. the year and language of the song,
    preferably also with a Spotify link of the correct version),
    who will then send it on to the customs officers (i.e. the veto panel) who decide
    if the song should be eligible for the contest or not.
    Once submitted, you will wait to hear back from the host
    if you have survived the cull of the Veto panel or not. If you have, great you're in!
    If not, you will be given the option to submit a back up to send to the veto panel.

    Travel itinerary
    your entry before Saturday January 9th, preferably including your side-theme information and entry
    Voting closes February 5th 6 PM GMT
    Reveals: Sunday February 7th

    Thank you for flying DW Airlines. We hope you will have a pleasant flight!

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  2. [​IMG]

    1. Colonia - Doza // @Ana Raquel = 133
    2. HARA - Midnight Queen // @Hurricane Drunk = 130
    3. La Casa Azul - Podría Ser Peor // @Derek = 112
    4. Стереополина - Последнее свидание // @EscapismIsAnotherPrison = 98
    5. Videoclub - Euphories // @berserkboi = 90
    6. KLER - Нестримна // @imaduck = 89
    7. Francesca Michielin - L'amore Essiste // @Sprockrooster = 86 (3 twelves)
    8. Lea - Du tust es immer wieder // @livefrommelbs = 86 (2 twelves)
    9. Lenna - Õnnega koos // @Conan = 79
    10. Blanco - Ladro di Fiori // @Lost Boy = 74

    11. Eirini Papadopoulou - Tis Kardias Mou O Horos // @londonrain = 59
    12. Glasperlenspiel - Echt // @Jeffo = 58
    13. Princesa Alba - Ya No Quieres Quererme // @klow = 57 (9 voters)
    14. Milica Pavlovic - Papi // @Alenko = 57 (8 voters)
    15. Bilal Hassani - Fais Le Vide // @Untouchable Ace = 55 (2 twelves)
    16. Day6 - Kiminara // @vague = 55 (1 twelve)
    17. Vintage - Деревья // @If You Go = 53
    18. Belén Aguilera & Lola Indigo - La Tirita // @Cotton Park = 50
    19. Hanna - МУЗЫКА ЗВУЧИТ // @ufint = 49
    20. Juliette Armanet - L'Amour en Solitaire // @soratami = 46 (2 eights)

    21. Wagakki Band - Roku Chounen to Ichiya Monogatari // @citoig = 46 (1 eight)
    22. Lola Marsh - היו לילות // @Filippa = 39 (1 twelve)
    23. Jenni Vartiainen - Voulez-Vous // @WoW73 = 39 (no twelve)
    24. Shingai feat. KWAYE & Chipo - TsiTsi // @Maki = 37
    25. GJan - Ruduo // @daninternational = 36
    26. In-Grid - Souvenir d'éte // @WowWowWowWow = 35
    27. Christophe Willem - Cool // @Doodvid = 34 (1 twelve)
    28. Rouge - Brilha La Luna // @saviodxl = 34 (no twelve, one ten)
    29. Freshybii - Sweetie Shy Boy // @iheartpoptarts = 34 (no twelve, no ten)

    30. Wir sind Helden - Von hier and blind // @DominoDancing = 32
    31. Litku Klemetti - Mona // @Phonetics Girl = 26
    32. CéU - Malemolência // @pop3blow2 = 25
    33. Bratz - Que Tal // @Music Is Death = 22
    34. Austieja - Žemie // @Tiger Suit = 17

    Spotify list:

    Missing from Spotify:

    YouTube list:
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  3. I had picked a song but translated the lyrics and it's about Christmas so I'll leave that one.
  4. I'm sure there is a timezone somewhere where it's still Christmas??

  5. A great theme!​

    I've narrowed it down to about 30 songs.

    Can I enter 30 songs?
  7. Didn't someone say in a different thread to stop cheating?
  8. I'm yet to see that in a google forms for PJXtra, and so until I do...
  9. And you want to travel to 30 different cities/countries? Busy year hehehe
  10. Most appropriate song for this round seems to be:

    Especially since every member is from a different country from each other if I recall correctly...

  11. Well I've just sent my entry in, but I've packed some back up entries just in case!
  12. I've got it down to 11, someone pick a number.
  13. Oh there's a Karen theme too as well. I was not aware.

  14. All part of the service!

  15. What, no Aqua yet?

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