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PJXtra 8 // Can you pinpoint where you are? // We have a winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ana Raquel, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. I did the same. I know I definitely got a bunch wrong because I kept thinking...”oh, wait, no, this one’s Australia!” and so entered that in the form on about 3 separate occasions. (I bet none of them end up being Australia in the end dddd).
  2. I only answered two so far... going to have a geoguessing marathon tomorrow I guess dd

  3. @livefrommelbs really effed me up with his joke on that one too! Ddd

    Any chance everyone has voted now and getting Who Sent What early? Ddd @Maki has voted, so surely that means the end, right?
  4. I'll do that in a few minutes! Lemme just check out if there were new answers in the previous ones

    shockingly, @Maki wasn't even in the last five to vote
  5. And before I forget...

    SIDE GAME #15
    (final round!)

    Which country is this?


  6. You did everything! You, @berserkboi and @klow are all fine. I'm tagging the rest in the other posts
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  7. @pop3blow2 - missing rounds 2-5, 10-12, 15
    @Alenko - missing rounds 12-15
    @Untouchable Ace - missing round 15
    @livefrommelbs - missing round 1, 3-15

    The rest hasn't started yet. You still can answer it until the main round's deadline is up! Thanks for taking part.
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  8. Thanks, I’ll try to get my missing ones in!
  9. Hopefully going to complete this tomorrow afternoon. I only have about one third of the playlist to go now.
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  10. I'm trying to vote but am having a hard time making decisions!
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  11. Phew, I finally guessed all 15 rounds, though there are only like 4 I'm actually confident about. Let me hope I got at least 5 right dd
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  12. Just finished with guessing game. It's was fun... and frustrating. The hours I spent on this over the past few weeks...
    There are four countries that I certainly guessed, three of them beings the ones I can provide the exact location for. I intended to repeat countries, but decided not to (it probably would've been a better idea to just put USA or Australia on all of the ones where I'm uncertain, but oh well).

    By the way, this week I decided to play GeoGuessr after a long time, and this is the clipping of the first location it put me on:

    (also, today there was an occasion where there was a literal pair of underwear on the middle of the road in front of what looks like a kindergarten, but I forgot to screenshot that)
  13. I can't wait to see the answers and the absurd guesses I made
  14. I made one guess, and I expect it to be embarassingly incorrect.
  15. To be honest, I'm not sure whether I'm looking forward to the song contest or side game reveals more.
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  16. Only @cleosnatchra and @TéléDex left from the main round.

    was this pic in Ecuador? Because I got the same/a similar one in a daily challenge some days ago. dddddd I was like........................ did someone die here
  17. Unfortunately, I can't recall the country, though am pretty sure it was in a daily challenge. After a bit of research, looks like someone did die there, since there's a cross on the side of the road:

    (obviously we're not the only ones who got that location)
  18. Did Marta win yet?
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