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PJXtra 9 ● Mother Tongue ● We have a winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ana Raquel, May 3, 2021.

  1. [​IMG]

    We are back in business!

    Welcome to the 9th edition of PJXtra, hosted by yours truly yet again. As usual, let's remember the winning song of the last edition.

    It's good to see you all again, and I hope to see you taking part here. You are definitely welcomed here! First things first, the rules, shall we?

    Your entry:

    is sung in any language other than that of the winning song from the most recent PJXtra contest and features less than 20% approximately of English lyrics.
    hasn’t charted in the top 3 anywhere in the world and isn’t a Eurovision Song Contest entry (non-qualifying national final songs are eligible).
    is performed by an artist with 30 pages or less of dedicated discussion on the Popjustice forum & didn’t participate in the most recent PJXtra competition.
    hasn’t previously been entered into either PJSC, PJ00s or PJXtra.
    if it is a cover version, is subject to certain criteria including if the song being covered is already famous/successful.
    The winning language of the past edition is not allowed this round, which means Paiwan is banned. Also, ABAO can’t be sent for the next five editions, so her songs in other languages aren’t eligible either. Sorry! Remember that this also applies to some of the previous winners, so be sure to check the list before submitting.

    Each round, once the list of successful songs is published, you listen to them all, choose your favourite ten and allocate points as follows:

    12 points : your favourite song of the contest
    10 points : 2nd place
    8 points: 3rd place
    7 points
    6 points
    5 points
    4 points
    3 points
    2 points
    1 point

    Please keep your ballots secret, sharing them only with the host(/s) who will reveal the results once voting closes. You are unable to vote for your entry and any non-voters have their final total halved!

    Side theme:

    Inspired by ABAO's work, I would like to make the side theme an opportunity to promote appreciate music from native/indigenous people and ethnic minorities. If you have any song to share that fits the criteria, don't be afraid to promote it on the topic as well. I hope this is a way that their work of preserving the world's history is acknowledged somehow.

    Just in case: this is unrelated to the main round. You can submit a song in (almost) any language you want as long as it is within the rules.


    Send your entry to me in a new conversation, including:
    Artist - Song:
    Link: (Youtube being the most recommended; Spotify would be appreciated if available)

    After that, they will go to the veto panel, which will judge if your entry is eligible or not. In any case, you will be contacted as soon as a decision is reached, whichever the outcome is.

    When the voting period starts, send me your votes (as stated in the rules above) before the deadline. You can start a new conversation or reply in the old one. It's up to you.



    (23h59 in the last timezone)

    REVEALS: Most likely on June 6th

    Just to keep in mind that my city is three hours behind GMT, so here is a clock for reference.

    If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask!
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  2. reserved for results
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  3. Side theme

    I'm collecting all of your contributions and adding them to a playlist on Spotify or on Youtube. Mind you there is a chance that some songs are not available on Spotify or are geoblocked on Youtube.



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  4. That's it! I will most likely be offline tomorrow (aka the 3rd) because I have some deadlines to meet, so I might not see your submission right away. As soon as I'm available, I'll look into them!
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  5. Someone already submitted

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  6. Just to be sure: we are not rating those tracks? So they could be anything fitting your theme?
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  7. Reading the thread title, I was worried we were being encouraged to submit songs in our own mother tongue, but I'm glad it wasn't that after all dd. Then again that wouldn't really have made sense given most of the participants' mother tongue is English anyway dd
  8. [​IMG]

    Not both of these videos not available in my location, when this round is supposed to get us to know obscure music by ethnic minorities. What's good Youtube/labels?
  10. Nope, no rating! Just feel free to post anything you want, whether it's considered PJ-friendly or not!!
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  11. My favourite song of this kind is probably the one I included in the Lost Classics Rate with @Filippa!

    With that said - there probably is a Mauritian Creole Playlist somewhere with some sega music for you all to discover so I will go hunting!
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  12. Didn't take long to find some classics indeed!

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  13. Electric Fields deserve a shout out even if it's mostly in English.

    And this beautiful cover, which appears to be translated in places into indigenous langauge(s)
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  14. Did you see the power of Carrapicho arrived in Israel?

  15. Louder deserved more than 13 points!
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