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PJXtra 9 ● Mother Tongue ● We have a winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ana Raquel, May 3, 2021.

  1. I'm not going to enter but here's another 10 minute foreign language song just for you x

  2. Ok, the submission deadline is up! List will be coming soon, we are just discussing some entries on the veto panel.

    Hopefully, we should have the final list by the end of today or tomorrow at best!
  3. Languages:

    5x - French
    4x - Korean
    3x - German
    2x - Dutch, Russian, Spanish
    1x - Arapaho, Chinese, Danish, Finnish, Japanese, Sami, Swedish, Vietnamese, Zulu

    Arapaho and Sami are appearing for the first time!


    10x - 2021
    5x - 2020
    3x - 2019, 2018
    2x - 2017, 2015
    1x - 2016, 2007
  4. A few artists I've submitted and others that have different songs on my potentials list.

    But it should be a good round I hope.
  5. Some names I recognise here, plus a blatant snatching from my shortlist! The NERVE.
  6. I need people to stop taking songs from my list of potential entries in these contests!!
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  7. One of you will be hearing from my lawyer when the who-sent-what list is revealed x
  8. My perfect PJXtra participation record has ended, but I see the song I'll be rooting for. I'd been thinking of entering it either here or in PJSC a while ago, and I wasn't sure if it would be eligible in this contest since it was a cover of a top 3 charting song.... or so I thought! Now that I'm looking into it again, it seems I was actually looking at the chart info for the album it was from and not the actual song.
  9. One of these songs is such a shameless ripoff of this

    I was worried it was literally a cover in a different language that had slipped past the panel for the first few seconds.
  10. Wow that sounds like a definite 12
  11. I saw Yelle support an act in the mid-00s. She came on, sang several songs in French, then said to the audience: "Hello. I'm Yelle. I'm French..." and about 50% of the audience made a huge "duh!" sound back at her. She laughed though, bless her.
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  12. Love the fact that I still haven't had time to comment about the side theme myself. Ooops.

    Anyway, let me recommend what made me pick this theme.

    ABAO has become known as a voice for native Taiwanese people. After releasing albums in her native language, Paiwan, she released a compilation album called "N1", which featured seven songs by indigenous Taiwanese artists. Each of them sings in their native languages, and were given full creative control in their contribution.

    This post will be divided in to (due to the limit of 5 pieces of media per post), and the bios were taken from this website.

    Natsuko is the lead singer of the indie rock band Collage, which has garnered a strong following on YouTube and the Taiwanese indie music platform Streetvoice. Of Amis and Hakka Chinese heritage, Natusko possesses the diverse artistic sensibilities shared among Taiwanese youth. Manga, Japanese rock, EDM, traditional indigenous folk, Chinese opera and heavy metal all factor into Collage's creative output. Her contribution to N1, "fu'is," (Star Song), refers to Indigenous Amis mythology, which tell us that the stars are there to remind us "we are wonderful" and "there's no need to cry, for the music is still playing."

    Arase is a television and YouTube personality of Rukai indigenous ancestry, perhaps best-known as the humorous co-host of Adu-ism, a popular online show about daily life for modern Taiwanese indigenous youth. The southern Taiwan native is also an accomplished musician who honed his skills under the tutelage of his father, also a professional entertainer. On N1, he puts comedy aside to provide a reflective, aspirational track, "spi adringi na ico" ("Dreamer"), sung in the Rukai language.

    At 19 years old, Dremedreman already possesses a mature voice suited both to the traditional music of her Paiwan roots and the electronic pop and funk stylings of "ngadan" (Name), her contribution to the N1 project. In the song, she highlights the importance of one's name in indigenous Paiwan culture. A native of Taitung's Jinfeng Township, Dremedreman studied traditional dance and music throughout middle and high school. Hailed by both her Paiwan elders and peers for her devotion to preserving traditional music, Dremedreman currently studies at the Department of Indigenous Language and Communication at National Dong Hwa University.

    A native and resident of Danlu, a Paiwan village in a mountainous area of Southern Taiwan's Pingtung County, Stingie turned to his home as inspiration for his track for N1. He co-wrote "Kaseljangi" (Get Together) with his students at Danlu Elementary, where he works part time as a music teacher. Stingie also works as a composer for television and Internet programs, with his music centering on indigenous issues and delivered in a variety of styles, including traditional indigenous folk, hip-hop, and R&B.

  13. Of Paiwan and Amis mixed heritage, Drangadrang is a former lawyer turned YouTube personality. His channel, Bu Lai Xue Xue," has over 250,000 subscribers. Recalling the discrimination he faced both as a young child and working adult in Northern Taiwan, he started his YouTube program to help promote an understanding of indigenous issues in Taiwan's Han Chinese-dominated society. While he is known for his sharp wit and goofy humor on YouTube, on N1, Drangadrang takes the opportunity to vent about real-life frustrations on a hip-hop track, "Life's Pazangal."

    Makav, a 17-year old singer of Bunun descent, sings about a shy romantic crush in her contributing song to N1. In the lyrics, the narrator's object of affection is Truku, so she speaks his native language, asking "embiyax su hug" (How Have You Been?), which serves as the main hook and title of the song. Makav, whose deft lyrics and smooth vocal delivery are a product of a passion for songwriting, is completely self-taught. "Writing songs is the most enjoyable time for me. It allows me to get closer to myself, to understand what I want, and see the future," she says.

    23-year-old Paiwan singer-songwriter kivi already enjoys a strong following with 25,000 followers on Instagram and over 100,000 YouTube views. She is also well known in the indigenous music community for her command of traditional Paiwan music. But kivi is equally comfortable on a Mando-pop stage, having featured as a contestant in a number of high-profile singing talent TV shows. She puts her keen pop instincts to work on the N1 track, "macidilj" (Alone), a ethereal, soaring electronica number sung in the Paiwan language.

    The album is available at Spotify and you can listen to it below.

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  15. I started the listening today and I honestly gasped when I got to the Untouched-sample song. I thought you guys were exaggerating, but damn, it's in the first seconds!

    I hope that this doesn't affect the perfomance of the song so much, 'cause it's an undeniable bop.
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  16. Untouched is indeed no longer untouched!
  17. Hello again!!!!! Just another short spotlight because it's officially Eurovision time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This year, most of the songs are in English, and a few are in the native language of the country (France, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Albania, Denmark (!), Ukraine, and Russia, plus some countries using English with one or a few more sentences in their mother tongue, eg Croatia and Azerbaijan)

    THAT BEING SAID, we have the debut of Sranan Tongo.

    Sung by the Surinamese-born and Dutch-based Jeangu Macrooy, it is a mix of soul and Surinamese folk music (most specifically, Kawina) and its chorus is:

    "Yu no man broko mi (Yeah)
    Yu no man broko mi (Mm-hmm)
    Yu no man broko, broko mi (Mi na afu sensi)
    Yu no man broko mi (Yu no man)
    Yu no man broko mi (Yu no man)
    Yu no man broko, broko mi (Mi na afu sensi)
    Yu no man broko mi
    Yu no man broko mi"
    Yu no man broko, broko mi (Mi na afu sensi)
    Yu no man broko mi
    Yu no man broko mi
    Yu no man broko, broko mi (Mi na afu sensi)"

    Its literal translation would be something along the lines of: "You can’t break me, I am not a halved cent". According to Jeangu himself (in an interview to a Dutch radio station, then translated into a W*w*bloggs article):

    And more about the song, also by Macrooy:

    “I am an optimistic person and the past year was very hard for everyone. But instead of looking around and focus on what’s bad, you can also find the power within yourself and believe that everything will be fine in the end. It’s my way to say: don’t underestimate me, you cannot get me down.”

    “The song is about many different things. You can look around and think: the world is collapsing, it is all going awry and there are all tensions, but I see all kinds of people around me standing up for themselves. And standing up for who they are. Them taking back the respect and space they deserve. That inspires me and gives me the feeling that it all will be fine. There are people that are using their voice to change things so it will be better for everyone else.”

    “Black Lives Matters has made a large impression on me, and a large impact on me as a human. But I am also looking at the queer community, of which I am part, and there’s also still a struggle for emancipation on different levels. And next to that, the song is about conquering something difficult and eventually the transition to a time in which it will all be fine.”
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  18. Great spotlight on Jeangu, Ana!! Oh, are you watching the semi final live today? If so, I advise you to turn on the show at 7 minutes into the show (you know what I mean hehehe)
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