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PJXtra 9 ● Mother Tongue ● We have a winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Ana Raquel, May 3, 2021.

  1. Yep, I'll start it on mute just in case!!!!!
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  2. I love how we look after eachother so well, sis!!
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  3. I finally got to this song, and yes it's very similar! Though I did some digging and she said it's more a rework of a Milk Inc song. Listening to that, it's basically the 2 mashed up without an original note otherwise included ddd

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  4. BOP!!!
  5. A 12!!!!
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  6. I'm supposed to be working on my ballot, but I'm just playing this bop over and over instead!
  7. Guys, TeamXtra won Eurovision: 4 non-English songs in the top 5!
  8. @berserkboi found stanning France and Switzerland.
  9. I'm a fully signed up member of TeamXtra, but songs don't deserve to do well just cos they are in foreign... and that top 5 wasn't great for me
  10. Of course, the non-English song that SHOULD have won, was Loco Loco
  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    There should just be a separate category for Eurovision Songs That Have Spanish Titles For No Reason. They're usually massive bops.
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  12. I just submitted my ballot!
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  13. Started listening to the list the other day. I'm familiar with one song, but there's also a song that I stumbled upon on YouTube, listened a snippet of it and thought to myself: 'That sounds a lot like a PJXtra entry'.
    I can't recall how it goes, but I remember I liked what I heard, even though it didn't go to my potential submissions list. Now watch it win.
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  14. Keep voting! We are at seven so far.

    While at that, to continue the spotlight sessions, let's celebrate the victory of maneskin with some rock/metal sung in native tongues!

    Alien Weaponry, a metal band from New Zealand with many songs sung in Maori.

    Arandu Arakuaa, a Brazilian metal band with songs in Tupi (but they also sing in some other indigenous languages).

    Les Filles de Illighadad, a tuareg band from Niger that sings in... possibly Tuareg? Couldn't confirm it.

    Vayijel, a Mexican rock band singing in Tzotzil.

    Nine Treasures, a Chinese band that sings in Mongolian (despite the titles in English).

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  15. Oh wow, I fully thought I did mine already - will get on that in the morning.
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  16. I think I have a Top 10 but it's so tough looking at about 5 songs that are missing out on points, they are also so wonderful!!!

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