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♠♦♣♥ PJXTRA XIII: Kissed by Lady Luck ♥♣♦♠ Winner crowned, fortunes read & guesses... guessed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 2, 2022.

  1. The way I only realised as I listened through the songlist that songs AND artists have been pillaged from me. Deceptive, witchy weasels!
  2. Would I take part just to give 'Whistle Down The Wind' my 11?

  3. This would be mine. Basic ass? Hell yeah.

  4. Me when I tried to board the Tina train with Heaven Help My Heart a few Retros ago

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  5. I'm obsessed.
  6. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    This cheap-ass dance backing track being slapped over the existing vocal? Ma'am. There are lots of excellent dance remixes of ballads... and this is not one of them.

    Stream the ballad versions.

  7. I feel someone tried to bait me with a song title alone
  8. Of course! This really shouldn’t be that surprising. I bought the CD single at the time after seeing Tina perform it on the World Music Awards (I think) and ended up playing the Soda Club Mix to death instead.
  9. I think this page should count as +1 for Tina Arena's page count.
  10. I discovered a song the other day that would've been a perfect entry for this round. Shame the song was released one day after the submission deadline.
  11. Just a heads-up that the version of Oddychasz that was on the Spotify playlist wasn't the correct one. I just replaced it, and anyone who already voted might want to give this new version a listen, in case if affects their ballot.
  12. If I didn't submit a song, can I still vote? Never done one of these but non-English pop is my jam.
  13. Depends on what your favorite language is.
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  14. I think that when the issue of non-participants voting came up in a song contest a while back, the consensus was it that it was better to avoid that, as having more voters than songs would mess up the contest stats a bit and whatnot. But if you want, you can vote just for fun, and I'll reveal your ballot at the end to see how it would have affected the leaderboard had it been counted. And of course you can always join the next round when it starts in early March!
  15. Not to mention there's usually a few non English pop bops to be found in the main contest as well.

    Sometimes they win too.
  16. Yeah, you have to have some skin in the game if you're going to vote, @Fluorocarbon, but we're glad you're here. Join the next one!
  17. For lovers of playlists: the overall Spotify playlist is now updated with rounds 11, 12 and 13 here
  18. There's a artist in hear that sounds exactly like Veronica Maggio! I still like her
    music but haven't listened to it in a while! I have one new artist discovery from
    this round and that is awesome and kinda unexpected but let me spill the beans
    now on the two amazing artists that I discovered from 2 previous rounds!

    PJExtra 12: Lanberry

    Entered by @Conan !

    So she is Polish, how cool! Great voice, amazing production! Especially on
    her last album "Co Gryzie Panią L"! I've been really enjoying that album but
    I heard her two other albums recently and they both had some good songs on them as well!
    But "Co Gryzie Panią L" is solid! Here's one of my favorite tracks from the album. which I
    would describe as fun and bouncy! "Kamikadze"


    Also, I don't think round 11 had any new exclusive artists discoveries for me that I really liked
    but back in round 10! We had the amazing Danish singer "Alma Agger"! I love her EP! I love
    the opening song "Tilbage"! Thank you so much for entering her @klow !

    Later after I get more organized I will be sharing my other previous special finds in PJExtra!
    Now I need to re-visit round 11 and the other older ones back to round one. Several of these
    I missed out on participating in before!

    Also, to help make this moment of gratitude from new artist discovery
    even more special, it is currently snowing outside my house!
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  19. We're up to six voters so far. Once we hit lucky number seven, we can have the first leaderboard tea leaf reading, so get voting!


  20. Awww this warms my heart.
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