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♠♦♣♥ PJXTRA XIII: Kissed by Lady Luck ♥♣♦♠ Winner crowned, fortunes read & guesses... guessed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Jan 2, 2022.

  1. Hello everyone,
    I had a visit from a friend of mine today and they asked me to do a reading for them (They're getting married in March, and wanted a little glimpse at the year ahead).
    I did my reading the same way I'm doing everyone's here, so I thought I'd share the outcome, so you can all have a better idea of how I interpret each card.

    I. Summary of the year gone
    II. Career outlook
    III. Finances outlook
    IV. Love outlook
    V. Family / Friends outlook
    VI. Spirituality outlook
    VII. Months 1 - 3 outlook
    VIII. Months 4 - 6 outlook
    IX. Months 7 - 9 outlook
    X. Months 10 - 12 outlook
    XI. The biggest obstacle of the year
    XII. How to tackle said obstacle
    XIII. Overview of the year ahead


    I. Uriel, the Angel of Flame. Regent of the sun.
    Fire is all-consuming. Wild & unyielding.
    2021 was certainly that much and more.
    But fire also tears through the darkness of uncertain times and brings a hopeful glimmer, which can be represented by the moments of joy and success that were found scattered throughout the year.

    II. King of Cups
    The King of Cups is a symbol of compassion and control. In a career context, the appearance of this card means finding balance with your working life and your personal life. Something that most can only wish for.
    A grand start given the sudden change in career.

    III. Nine of Pentagrams
    To see this card where it has landed is a good omen; changing careers can be a terrifying transition as, for many, it can mean struggling before succeeding. But the Nine of Pentagrams is a sign that you will see the fruits of your labour within the next year.

    IV. Nine of Cups
    Another good omen! A sign that love will blossom like a tree in Spring for you in 2022. Maybe it’s pointing to emotional stability with your husband-to-be. Maybe it’s the healing sensation of reconnecting with a good friend. Or even finally finding satisfaction in that passion project that you visit off and on like all artists do. Whichever way this card is pointing, it’s an enviable point of view.

    V. Page of Wands
    Got a honeymoon getaway booked? The deck seems to think so, so you might want to book one! The Page of Wands is very much an excitable little nomad - he gets giddy from the freedom to explore.

    VI. Four of Swords
    This encourages rest and restoration. Between changing careers and readying for a wedding, your spirit may be feeling a little bit taxed. It’s not just your body that needs rest - your emotional and mental health rely on it to function. Remember to focus on yourself.

    VII. Four of Wands
    A card of celebration; and looking at this spread - there isn’t much mystery as to why - A union of two people who love each other. A new start after leaving a career that caused you so much misery. Those two points in of themselves are worthy of much celebration!

    VIII. Page of Cups
    You’ve been so focused on getting ready for that one event that you’re probably feeling the comedown at this point. It can feel a little anticlimactic that all that preparation was for one day. It’s OK if that’s true, you’re not the first newlywed to think it and you certainly won’t be the last.
    Or... Maybe you’re noticing things in some of the people in your life that you hadn’t seen before - It’s a little saddening because you often look at your friends with rose-coloured glasses, and do see them without can be horrifically sobering. It’s important to recognise and contemplate these feelings. Do not let them fester until that become a malignant spot on your wellbeing.

    IX. Two of Pentagrams
    The drastic changes in your life this year will now be settling in as a reality, your priorities will shift and you’ll make decisions differently as you adapt to the startling changes. Don’t be afraid of facing them, they’re there to test you, not intimidate you.

    X. Knight of Pentagrams
    Sounds like you’ll be working hard towards something in the latter part of the year. You’ve always been one to take on work with a knowing smile and a crack of the neck, so I’m not surprised to see this card.

    XI. The Sun
    The Sun card is a beacon of positivity, so to pull this as your “biggest obstacle” is unusual. Maybe instead of it acting as an omen of what will be, it’s what you need to work on within yourself.

    XII. The High Priestess
    The High Priestess is one of the best cards to pull as your solution to your biggest obstacle. She represents the unconscious. The inner voice.
    We all deserve happiness, and that includes you. Allow yourself the happiness that the year will bring, embrace successes big and small, and relish in the positivity that surrounds you.

    XIII. Remiel, the Angel of Visions. Shepherd of good graces.
    A lantern that lures us into the future with a rumble of thunder that whispers “Everything will be alright”. Remiel is compassionate and full of love for people. The year ahead is looking bright for you, so you can rest assured that Remiel is watching you with a loving smile.
  2. You're going to do this for everyone? This is a ridiculous level of generosity
  3. You're gonna do this for everyone WHILE listening to our entries?
  4. [​IMG]

    Time for some leaderboard tea (leaf reading).

    With 7 voters:

    • Only two of the songs are still at 0, which is pretty cool given so few people have voted so far. Probably safe to assume everyone will end up with points (hopefully I'm not jinxing it dd)
    • There are currently four different languages in the top 5
    • The 12s have all gone to different songs so far
    • There are some... inch resting patterns in the spreadsheet, I'm starting to suspect some might be copying each other's ballots (jk... or am I (I am))

    Remember you have until February 5 23:59 GMT to vote (in retrospect, the voting period could have been a bit shorter dd)


  5. The Aussies are at it again, hm?
  6. Can you please make them agree to vote for me when we do this? Ddd
  7. We're far too fickle towards each other for any sort of 'vote-rigging' scandal.
  8. Yo tengo votado!
  9. Received one third of the ballots so far and I'm happy to announce everyone now has points

  10. One week left to vote and still missing nearly two thirds of the ballots. Get on with it people!


    I haven't voted yet myself... but that's beside the point :)
  11. Wait y'all still haven't voted? I voted like weeks ago.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2022
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  12. I was sure the deadline for this tonight but it is still ANOTHER week??
  13. My ballots has been more or less finished for a while, it's just marinating. I keep changing the order.
  14. After procrastinating giving additional listens to the songs, even though I went through the list about 10 days ago, I voted tonight and can confirm that a good portion of the songs are growers. My entire top 5 is excellent, but the other songs that got points and nearly got points are obviously great, too.

    This. Even I think the voting period could've been a week shorter.
  15. I think Reine @soratami took account of PJSC - which closes this week - to avoid a clash! Everyone feel free to vote early so we can have a midweek next week reveal though!
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  16. Yeah, the voting period could have been a bit shorter, but then again at least this way it doesn't clash with PJSC, and besides, given we only have a new PJXtra round every two months, it's not like there'd be much point in rushing anyway.
  17. Remember you have until Saturday night to vote, only four days left now!
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