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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Iggypig, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Hey,

    What with Steps successful comeback, I was thinking of Play, who also made a comeback last year, and was wondering if there is anyone else who likes them?

    I actually always felt a bit weird liking them when they first emerged, these were very young girls, and I was in my early 20's, but the songs were right up my street.

    Loved the first two albums, played them constantly, and was overjoyed when I found the full version of there first album, instead of the US EP.

    When Faye left, I really turned my back on them, she was the biggest vocalist of the group, and having a new girl come in and put at the front instead of the other girls felt very weird, and I never actually bought there third album.

    Very oddly, I found the Christmas album in a charity shop the other day, odd because they never actually released anything in the UK, so was not expecting to find a CD of theres in a shop ever. It's amazing how some of the tracks are literally note for note copies of songs from Mariah Careys Christmas album.

    I was very aprehensive about the comeback, and I was right to think that, despite an ok album, Faye just didn't want to be there.
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  2. I listened to a load of Play today, even though I never really gave them the time of day. The material is pretty strong and the girls can sing. It's interesting how much of their material was sourced from pop artists releasing in different territories.
  3. Under My Skin has become one of my favorite albums, it's just catchy fun pop. Their earlier albums also have gems on them like the Robyn co-written songs - "What Is Love?" and "You Found Me".
  4. Amazing Avatar. I've been trying to make discography playlists, so yesterday I got through Us Against The World though a bit of the I Must Not Chase The Boys single. But it was all good pop fun. Other than the Trousdale vocal on "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" nothing was particularly cringey. I was pleasantly pleased to find Cinderella was the Cheetah Girls song.
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  5. Yes, "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" and "Every Little Step" are the two songs I least care for. "Cinderella" was originally recorded by flop girl group i5, but their version is probably my favorite.
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  6. I used to run a fan site for them,! Looking back, Faye's voice was tremendous - especially for a 13 year old. I Must Not Chase The Boys remains iconic.
  7. I Must Not Chase The Boys is the only reason they're getting their chance to shine upon my ears in 2017.
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  8. Fuck. Their vocals were just so good.
  9. I totally "Lol'ed" yesterday at their version of "Just A Little". "Lately..." doesn't quite pack the same punch.
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  10. Mess, I mistakenly thought the Play version was the original. Their label sure was into stealing songs... Cinderella, Whole Again, Honey To The Bee, Just a Little just to name a few.
  11. At least they mostly did a good job with their covers, unlike some other girl groups:

    Love how the caption says "No Secrets' interpretation of Atomic Kitten's song Whole Again."
  12. Funny that No Secrets didn't change the lyrics, unlike Play - "If you see me with another guy" and "You can do no wrong". I do like Play's version of "Honey to the Bee", but "Just a Little" and "Whole Again" are completely unnecessary - especially when they could have been replaced by an original song like "Unspeakable".
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  13. Oh my god, never heard Unspeakable. Such a bop!
  14. My bops from PLAY: Remember To Forget, Never Never Land, Cinderella, I Must Not Chase The Boys (FAV), Girls Mind, Girls Can Too, Seven (2nd Fav), Not The One, Personal Victory.

    But funny enough, I absolutely love their cover of 'Hard Knock Life'.
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  15. I love their original material. 2 Blocks Down and 11 Out of 10 (they did it before No Angels, right?) are massive bops. The debut had Remember To Forget and To Live and To Die For which were fabulous. Their ultimate original tracks are I Must Not Chase The Boys, Hand in Hand, and 90% of Under My Skin.
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  16. Is Us Against The World a cover? That song is millennium teen pop at its best.
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  17. I don't think so. It was co-written by Samantha Mumba and Amanda Lameche, but I couldn't find anything that stated that either of them ever recorded it.
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  18. Yes, it's supposedly on an exclusive Target release of the album, but I haven't ever found a copy that actually exists. It was obviously long before releasing Target exclusive bonus tracks was commonplace.
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  19. Of course it was co-written by Mumba-Queen of Everything.
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  20. I've been on the lookout for years! I got the Dream album with the Walmart bonus tracks. The early 2000's. Good times!
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