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Playing It Straight (UK)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by eddy2375, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Awwe, I really liked Sven... well mainly because of that classic moment at the Bralympics and how geeky he seemed underneath that cockiness.

    I initially thought Danny was gay, then he convinced me he was straight. I was shocked at Dean and not so much at Sam.
  2. Another shocker... Me and @ben_twin2 are totally In a relationship haha <3 him

    I'm still not sure if this is serious, but Danny did just change his Twitter DP to this picture so I assume they are. Which is the cutest thing ever.


  3. I think it's true. Someone on the Digital Spy forum was correct with their spoiler. They claimed to have seen Ben and Danny snogging in a club. Also, Ben posted a pancake picture saying something like 'I Love You' and Danny re-tweeted it.
  4. All these guys make me feel like such an ugly gay!
  5. He has Britney Spears on his iPod...and Whitney Houston.

  6. Really shocked Danny was gay. Only one I would have put money on being straight.

    It's sweet he's with ben.
  7. Even though I thought Danny was the straight one, I'm not surprised either. I thought he was gay in the first episode I saw, but changed my mind. Him and Ben are such a hot couple. Please do porn?!

    I'm surprised everyone seemed to find Sven being gay such a shocker, I thought it was totally obvious.
  8. I hope there are more men like Sam in the world. I need to meet them.
  10. I think my jaw actually dropped when Danny said he was gay! I was really pleased though, I love him! It's really cute that him and Ben are together, what a hot couple.

    For all the Danny fans I saw this on Digital Spy last night (scroll down past the first guy):
  11. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

  12. I too have absolutely no idea? Bizarre so many did.
    To me he had every stereotypical box ticked.
    Don't mean that nasty I probably do too!
    I guess it was the double bluff thing but I mean he was just so so gay.

    Sven was the double bluff I guess but I too was expecting the result by the last episode.
  13. So to quote myself:

    Got everyone but Sam right! I did waver and change my opinion here and there, but I guess it proves you really should judge on first impressions.

    Glad Sven turned out to be gay - it's really rather healthy for someone so typically 'masculine' to be gay in the public eye.
  14. My initial prediction was horribly wrong, but I cottoned on to the fact that both of the twins were gay a few weeks ago, and I changed my mind on the rest so many times during the last few episodes that when all the revelations were made and I shouted "I knew it!" at each of them it was only because i'd at one point thought everyone was everything.
  15. I changed my mind on who was or wasn't about five times during the final. The only one I got right was Sven.

    I was really shocked about Dean though, i was pretty much sure. Especially after all his gulfs such as admitting he was sure Cara knew he was "one of the gay guys", admitting he "loved a bit of beef" complete with wink to the camera and just generally his personality!

    I hope this show comes back, Monday nights in our flat shall never be the same.
  16. I've only watched the last 2 episodes as I know one of the boys, and whilst I agree entirely with Alphableat's earlier comments about it's offensiveness, I've just found myself jumping up and down and screaming when she got it right!!!

    It's the decision I would have made as well. Sven gave off major gayer vibes to me.
  17. Mess at how problematic this show was, just found it once again in Channel 4 app and couldn't help but binge.
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  18. This is so weird - I randomly remembered this show the other day for the first time in years. I can't remember what prompted me to think about it. It seemed like a good premise at the time but it definitely wouldn't work today.
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  19. Some of these usernames...blast from the past!
  20. I recently rewatched this and the US one a few months back. Definitely playing on outdated stereotypes which people have hopefully moved on from these days. It was also unnecessarily deceiving; 00s reality shows seem to specialise in this.

    The Mariachi singer was also bizarre.

    I also watched "Boy Meets Boy" but found that incredibly boring. At least the Mariachi singer added some entertaining campness.
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