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Playlist Titles (Creativity Encouraged!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Someboy, May 9, 2009.

  1. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    Isn't one of the best things about the iPod era that we can create our own little playlist titles? Post yours here!

    Some of mine:

    $$$ (purchased music)
    2 Voices R Betta Than 1 (duets)
    Across the Pond
    Big Hair, Pastel Suits, One Glove
    Bloodshy and Avant's Bag of Tricks
    Catchy Gimmicks
    Everyone Says "Run, Forest, Run!"
    Focus on Rhythm
    Fried Chicken, Boots, & Y'all!
    House of Ronson
    Layers of Timba
    Quiet! This is a library!
    Stargate Two-Step
    under the radar
    You need to get ahold of yourself.

    Ok, so maybe mine aren't as creative as I thought, but what are some of yours?
  2. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    All my playlists are "best of" artist playlists (my Madonna one has 98 tracks) with a song title that best sums them up or feels title-worthy as the title. Not very creative but I like my little collection of playlists.
  3. I'm curious to know what's actually in some of these playlists!

    I haven't really bothered with playlists at all, i don't really have much use for them.
  4. Mine are very boringly titled things such as "pop", "ballads" or "Madonna" etc... altho i do have Gym Bunny, AMAZING!!!!, and Whoopa.
  5. My playlists are so dull and boringly titled by comparison.

    Mine include:

    3 to 5 Stars (All) [This is my main playlist, literally any song I like, inclusive of singles, album tracks and remixes is in here. Nearly all my other playlists inherit from this one]

    3 to 5 Stars (All - 0 Plays)
    3 to 5 Stars (Recently Added) [Songs added in the past 14 days]
    3 to 5 Stars (Recently Added - 0 Plays)
    3 to 5 Stars (Not Recently Listened) [Songs not listened to in at least 3 months]

    Top Rated Pop
    Top Rated R&B
    Top Rated Dance [I don't care for the sub-genres of Dance. This is a catch-all genre as far as I'm concerned, with most remixes appearing in here too]
    Top Rated Hip-Hop
    Top Rated Rap [This is by far my smallest playlist. Basically rap songs which I consider not to be Hip-Hop, e.g. Will Smith]

    Top Rated Urban [This inherits from the Rap, R&B and Hip-Hop playlists for a catch-all of 'Urban' music
    Top Rated Acoustic
    Top Rated Rock

    I also have five charts playlists. This is kept in a playlist folder so that if I want to listen to any of these 250 songs on shuffle I can. It usually makes for a pretty good listen in my opinion!

    Top 50
    Top 51-100
    Top 101-150
    Top 151-200
    Top 201-250

    I sometimes make playlists based off songs I really like at the moment, but they are usually short-lived. All of these are smart playlists. I feel like so much of what I like is in a constant state of change that normal playlists are a bit redundant for me, really.

    I'm really tempted to find the BPM of each track using a BPM analyser so I can get all my uptempo and slowies into their own playlists, but since last time I did this it analysed quite a few wrongly I'd probably end up deleting them again!

    Me too!
  6. I compile artist specific 'best ofs' or playlists and then title them using a lyric from a track by that artist. For example;

    Girls Aloud Spike Heels & Skin Tight Jeans
    Pet Shop Boys Che Guevara & Debussy To A Disco Beat
    Sugababes One Way Ticket To A Mad Man Situation

    Sometimes, a silly pun seems appropraite...

    Madonna The Immaculate Extensions (A.K.A. Like A Version)

    Then I have various artists compilations/playlists which are all titled In No Particular Order Volume... and then subtitled;

    Fave Singles Ever!
    Indie Bargain Bin
    Flop Pop!
    Pants Dance
    Mutant Disko & Klub Kack
    Themes Off The Telly & That
    Uneasy Listening
    Old Fashioned Big Tittied Rock'n'Roll Bitches
    Technicolor Kitschen
    Just More Songs I Like
    My Little Pop Princesses
    Attack Of The Boy Bands
    (PJ not allowing me to put this one as O-M-G, stupid rules)
    Got Any Disco?
    Prescription Beats
    B-Side The C-Side
    Voodoo Cocktails
    Booty, Beeps & R'n'B Beats
    The Mega Megamix List
    Recycle Or Die! The Best Remixes
    Europop To Go
    Rewind! 80s Movie Tracks
    Acoustically Yours
    Never Mind The Baubles - Here's Christmas!
    Girls, Girls, Girls!
    Deadly Melodies
    I Heart Almighty!
    Divas, Dames & Sophisticated Ladies
    Clubbed To Death

    I also do my monthly lists of all the best stuff out that month which are simply called that particular month (ie. May 2009)... And then I'm always creating daily lists for things like the gym (Gymnauseum!) and stuff.
  7. I used to have "Romper Stompers". Although i'm about to make a summer playlist, I suppose that ought to have an interesting name.
  8. Oh I forgot about my Christmas playlist. It's very small and just relies on the genre of the song being set to Christmas. Problem I have with seasonal songs is by the time I get in the mood for listening to them (November-ish), I can't be bothered to sort putting more of them into iTunes and tagging them because I always think "it's only 8 weeks" or something.
  9. All of my techno remakes (DJ Sammy "Heaven," Sharam's "Party All The Time," etc.) are in a playlist called Under The Covers. I've always been oddly proud of myself for that one.
  10. I only got Playlists for songs I've purchased off iTunes, so it's easier to hear them all together and not scrobble through each Artists for one song to listen to.

    One of them is called "American 80's" and another one is "My Indie Youth".

    What's really bugging me is the fact that the songs I put there before purchasing them have now been erased from iTunes and I can't buy them. What is up with that?!
  11. Charley

    Charley Moderator

    I have the following playlists on my good ol' little retro mp3 player...

    Dark Lounge (Down tempo stuff for sad moods or going home in the middle of the night)
    Guitars '09 (All things 'pop/rock')
    Like There's No Tomorrow (Dance Amazing) (All 'sunny' up tempo tracks)
    TempTales (Because I haven't gotten round to completely changing the music on my mp3 in ages, this is just a little folder I hastily (and temporarily) put together with some of my newest tracks)
  12. I should hang my head in playlists are either named after the act or year-related. Well, I do have my "chart" playlists...I've been compiling weekly Top 40 Singles charts since 1984, so now I use an iTunes playlist for that, plus two "feeder" playlists for the tracks which are due to enter next, and then another for new stuff I've not heard yet but may want to chart - imaginatively titled "New Releases" and "Upcoming Entries".

    Plus, I have all my personal #1 singles grouped in yearly for each year from 1984 to now.

  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Well I don't have too creative names for my playlists.. I like them to be clear, so within a few years I still know what a particular playlist contains..

    My most played ones are:
    - Podplay: Realy the only playlist I always play on my ipod.
    It contains a mix of 4/5 star songs I haven't played in a while, some random 5 star-songs, my least played 5-star-songs, all songs in my revival/revivalX1-list, plus my current Heavy Rotation-playlist (newest songs/albums I don't want to dissapear from the list after one play)

    - Homeplay: My main playlist at home, it consists of the podplay-list + an everchanging random selection of 3-star-songs, and all songs that still need to be tagged/rated.

    Here I add songs I want to be in my home/podplay-list all the time (cause I can't get enough of them), that aren't new enough to still be part of my Heavy Rotation-list.

    Revival X 1:
    Here I add songs I want to be part of my home/podplay-list until they've been played once again. For example, during the Girls Aloud/Sugababes-survivor I added their entire backcatalogue so my playlist became seriously GA/SB-heavy, until all songs had been played.. I also have a playlist with songs that were added 'a year ago today', or played for the last time a year ago.. I check these 2 every day, and add songs I'd like to hear again to my Revival X1-list.

    Then there's a playlist for every year since 1989.
    It would be impossible to tag all the 30.000 songs-years, but whenever a song comes on that reminds me om a year, I immediately add it to it's years playlist.
  14. God, I only have one and it's called 'Walk'! It's just 130 (ish) uptempto songs I listen to on my daily 2 hour rubbish am I?

    Oh - and I want Anfunny's iPod!
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