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Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Fascination, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. Toronto-based artist signed by Drake.

    I heard (and fell in love with) his song Personal as above. He isn’t a game changer but he has some serious tunes on his EP.
  2. Two new songs:

  3. So I get that PLAZA isn't really a thing on here to the extent that the whole "oh my god he's COMING!!!" angle really works, but I have to throw this out here in the hopes that somebody will listen to him and fall in love like I have. I've been incessantly checking for new content from him (since I don't have any social media it's been... frustrating to say the least) and discovered that yesterday he deleted all of his Instagram posts and now appears to be "coming back". As I said earlier, I get nobody has replied to this thread but I'm sure there's at least one person who has read it and might be as vibed as I am for his impending release.

    Anyway, since posting the last two songs I've become a stan. Like, full on head first sloppy ass proper stan. His music is INCREDIBLE. His two EPs (including the above two tracks) constitute one of the strongest discographies I've ever come across. I'm attaching said EPs below to make it easier for you to venture into it and hopefully find something you love about it.

    Like I get he isn't a big pop girl but... this music is mindblowing to me. Surely somebody out there will care to listen.
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  4. *screams*

    Absolutely love this switch up from his typical sound. It works so well for him! King of versatility.
  5. Another 10/10. When will your faves?

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