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Please ban the word 'fierce'

Discussion in 'Forum business' started by Alphableat, Jul 9, 2009.


Are you fierce?

  1. Yes, I'm fierce

  2. No, I'm fierce

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  1. Speaking of things that are overused, Mean Girls quotes stopped being funny in 2006.
  2. It's not really a pet name though. As Wikipedia says:

    "Interweb (sometimes interwebs, interwebz, intarweb(s), interwibble, and other variations) is a malapropism used satirically or to indicate inexperience by intentionally and incorrectly merging the terms 'Internet' and 'World Wide Web'. The joke is that many inexperienced users access content on the World Wide Web (or "Web") via the "Internet" without knowing what either is.
    The term interweb originated as a response to the ever-increasing influx of inexperienced users to the Internet's forums and chat rooms. Whereas the Internet had previously been the exclusive domain of the tech-savvy, it was now attracting millions of newcomers (noobs) who were now participating in it, often with poor netiquette."
  3. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Poor Mariah :(
  4. Thank goodness Mean Girls itself will never stop being funny.
  5. I don't think fierce should be banned. It's used to describe something and immediately you know exactly what the poster means, right?
  6. I've never noticed 'Fierce' being used much on here but 'Epic' has to be banned.

    'That was epic', 'EPIC FAIL.', 'How epic' etc bug me to no end...
  7. The reason words get overused is because they convey a message across in a succinct way that everyone can understand. 'Epic', 'generic' and 'amazing', altho all used a lot, do convey something quite specific and very well. As soon as another word comes along that does the same job, then they'll stop being used so much!

    The word that used to annoy me was "legend" as in "that song is LEGEND!". Nobody says this anymore, right?
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing the back of 'fail' (and accompanying variations) for a while.
  9. [​IMG]

    These infuriate me.
  10. My dad buys those all the time, and pretends to misread the name of them as 'condoms'. It was funny the first time...

    I do hate the overuse/misuse of the word random, particularly referring to people as 'randoms' which I find a bit dehumanising for some reason.
  11. i'm favoriting this thread BITCHESSSSS
  12. Yes, please ban epic. Along with fierce. I'm sick of hearing those words. Also, please ban 'I laugh out this because it is so hilarious' because it's the MOST ANNOYING PHRASE IN EXISTENCE and is not even remotely funny and/or witty.
  13. Yeah - is there no way to filter it? Maybe automatically shorten it to LOL or something?
  14. I'm surprised nobody thought of this sooner. Lol.
  15. Charley

    Charley Moderator

    You guys do realise that is the filter, right? Textspeak is not allowed on this forum.
  16. Can't you just say 'haha' or 'that's really funny' or something along those lines? Anything is better than that phrase.
  17. I sincerely hope you realise that if you type in l o l without the spaces a word filter automatically changes it to I laugh out loud at this because it is so hilarious?

    Even if you didn't, the last five posts or so have been highly entertaining.
  18. Of course I knew! I was being hilarious.
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  19. I think we're a bit too old to "ban" words, but maybe the filters could be changed?

    ooc lol omg
  20. Haha, that was me, on Twitter.
    And she did. I like the word fierce, it's like someone said earlier: it really effectively describes a certain kind of look.
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