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PledgeMusic Controversy

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by andru, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Has everyone seen today's article on Billboard about PledgeMusic?

    Essentially, for a while now, many artists using the service to crowdfund their campaigns haven't been receiving payments on time which is leading to delays in manufacturing and fulfilment of orders but things seem to have escalated following a YouTube video by Danny Vaughn which was shared yesterday. Supposedly the issues stem from PledgeMusic's failure to hold campaign funds separately and instead investing this money back into the company. There are some (mostly independent, as far as I can see at the moment) artists and labels cancelling campaigns and boycotting PledgeMusic encouraging people not to use the service because of this. Reading through the Billboard article it's concerning to see the amount of money that hasn't made its way to the artists and how difficult it's been for them to get answers - though PledgeMusic have said tonight they're aiming to clear the current payment backlog within 90 days.

    Not to cause panic, but if anyone's used PledgeMusic recently, it may be worth keeping an eye out for updates from the artist/label involved to see if they say anything regarding their campaign as I imagine it might be a bit of a shit storm over the next few months.
  2. kal


    This sucks. I pledged quite a bit of money for Rob Dougan’s campaign and he informed pledgers about the delays right before Christmas.

    Luckily, he was very generous and sent everyone who pledged for a physical album an exclusive live CD and a personally signed card, all as an apology for the delay.
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  3. Do they operate at all in the UK? Because I'm pretty sure that shit is naht allowed by the FCA.
  4. To be honest, I'm not sure where they operate from, but imagine they have bases in many countries including the UK.
  5. kal


    This sounds really bad. I hope they’ll be able to pull through because, controversy aside, PledgeMusic is a great platform for independent artists.
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  6. There's some further information here, albeit vague, about how they're looking to resolve the current issue -

    Seems a potential partnership/acquisition is on the cards, and they're looking to work with a third party who'll manage artists funds going forward.
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  7. kal


    It’s gone offline now.
  8. Although platforms similar to it exist, like KickStarter, it's an end of an era I guess! I wonder if some rival or new start up will try to fit the gap that's left behind in terms of crowdfunding specifically for musicians?
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