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Pnau - Soft Universe (Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by tomscott, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Absolutely AMAZING.

    Released last week and noticed that nobody had mentioned on here so i thought i'd do the honours.

    Definitely in my Top 5 albums of the year so far. Euphoric, Atmospheric, Instant are just some words i'll use to describe.

    Favourite songs at the moment are 'Epic Fail' and 'Something Special'. You should definitely check these out.
  2. 'Everybody' remains one of the best songs of the year, especially the last 2 minutes which are just beyond euphoric.
  3. Amazing album. I heard there should be a UK release in 2012. I hope it's true.
  4. I think this album is better then the self titled. absolutly lush. Epic fail is amazing.
  5. I die for epic fail
  6. Yes 'Epic Fail' is up there with the best and I weirdly adore 'Waiting For You' theres something really eerie and disturbing almost about it somehow yet its stunning.
  7. Epic Fail is such a PJ title for a song. I think I prefer Everybody but the whole 80s electro thing feels like it's been done to death.
  8. This is on UK iTunes now, but still no sign of a physical release.
  9. This has the potential to be amazing!

  10. Elton John is a PNAU Stan!

    Can. not. Wait.
  11. So, no love for the Pnau / Elton John album ?

    I think it's sublime. The album of my summer, I think. And I'm not really an Elton John amateur, my whole Elton discography being reduced to an old 7" inches of I'm Still Standing. Maybe I should investigate, or maybe it's only Pnau's magic touch. Anyways, the album is incredible.

    In other Pnau news, I thought Wall Of Sound wanted to release Soft Universe physically ? Still nothing, which is a shame. And I bought the Unite Us remixes bundle : awful. Weird, when you think of the amazing remixes The Truth had.
  12. it's a great album, i just wanted another Embrace
  13. It did puzzle me that there was no thread for the Elton album. Great album, perfect as the sun came out in London. "Sad" is fabulous, "Telegraph to the Afterlife" is beautiful.
  14. Soft Universe is still amazing And I'm bemused by how little of an impact it has made. I urge everybody who likes the elton album to go and check out this album - start with 'Epic Fail', those euphoric whistles will have you within seconds. Beautiful song.
  15. Just got the Soft Universe promo CD, missed it when it came out originally, I hope it's as good as you all say, you're usually right!
  16. Not sure where else to post this, but I'm liking this sample of "Baby" from the 2007 album:

  17. A&E


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    Isn't the third Empire Of The Sun record ('Every Ocean Tells A Story') supposed to come out around that time as well? I wonder if this is the collaboration album with Ladyhawke then.
  19. Great great news. Soft Universe is a masterpiece, from the first second to the last.
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