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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Alphableat, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Anyone here big on podcasts? I've found them to be a great bedtime listen and a pretty good alternative to music when running.

    I've recently been completely hooked on Serial, which has a journalist delve into and tell the story of a real life murder 15 years ago that ended with a potentially-sketchy conviction of the victim's ex-boyfriend. I'd highly recommend it.

    As a result I've also switched on a subscription to This American Life (where Serial premiered), and I guess my first question is this: can anyone recommend some classic TAM episodes? There are over 500 and I don't know where to start!

    Any others that people listen to? TED Talks and Radio 4 stuff seem to be obvious choices, but I'd also quite like to know of there are any other great narrative podcasts.
  2. Who Charted has gotten me through many a house cleaning. Sometimes I have to take a break from laughing too hard.

    The idea behind it is that they countdown the music and movie charts and use them to get to know their guests. They usually count down the Billboard Hot 100 or Heatseeker or something similar, but they sometimes do something fun like the Korean Hot 100 or iTunes Top New Age Albums.
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  3. Serial, This American Life and IGN's Nintendo Voice Chat are my podcasts of choice. I liked Welcome to Nightvale for a bit, but grew tired of it around episode 20. I might revisit soon.
  4. I'd like to be an asshole for a second and point out I pimped the Serial podcast when it first came out in the Random Thoughts thread but noone (but one, can't remember who) was having it.

    So, thank you, I guess for making a podcasts thread.

    On Serial : I don't think Koenig will solve the crime and I expect a lot of disappointment on the webz when the show is done and everything is left hanging. I was SO excited they did an episode about Jay this week though. I don't know what else there is left to say now. Adnan, if guilty, is not going to suddenly confess and there could be SO many different reason why Jay would lie (or change certain details), that wouldn't necessarily mean that he did it, so yeah....I'd only really like to have an episode around Stephanie or Jen, but I don't think that's going to happen.
  5. Do you need me to provide a receipt? Because I will gladly trawl for a receipt.

    EDIT: I just saw the "but one" part - oops, could have been a bit less shady. It was me!
  6. Not podcasts as such, but I use the podcasts section of iTunes to store old radio shows. My favourites are horrors from the 30s and 40s, like The Hermit's Cave and The Witch's Tale. They can be quite creepy. Also, My Favorite Husband because it's basically I Love Lucy in audio form.

    As it turns out, though, if you spend so long importing the files and organising a thousand podcasts by hand, Apple will just have none of it. Their software never displays anything correctly because it doesn't know how to handle things not downloaded from its own store. So why let me import in the first place!?

  7. I love podcasts, especially comedy-related ones. How Did This Get Made? and Nerdist are the ones I keep up with the most - I'm really behind on everything else, This American Life included.
  8. Sorry babe, BUT I'm glad you listened.

  9. I listen to podcasts about my favourite TV shows, I usually watch the episode followed by the Afterbuzz TV podcast talking about it. I also listen to 2 Glee podcast's (Hypable Glee Chat and Gleeful podcast) and Hypable Book Hype.
  10. Throwing Shade with Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi needs to be in your life!!!
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  11. I used to be into podcasts a lot around 2005-2010. Not so much anymore. I do still listen to TAL and have been enjoying Serial immensely.
  12. I've listened to four episodes this week. It's hilarious! Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. I can't believe Serial is coming to an end next week.

    It seems pretty clear by now that they want to end it as soon as possible because it's become pretty painful for all parties involved. (I seriously think Sarah has so much empathy she has trouble dealing with the fact that by her doing Adnan and everyone around him is under fire, never mind Hae Min Lee's family.)

    I am quite sad we'll probably never find out what some of the teasers in the season preview were about, but I guess that after doing research Sarah decided they didn't matter/weren't true so it's okay.

    I am most curious to see where this case will go after the podcast will be over. I'm quite sure it'll still be in the news and it'll go on leading its own life. It would be rad if This American Life did a follow-up after 6 months or a year but we'll see.
    I think it was an important podcast to highlight so many things wrong with the US justice system and with how we as a society like to label things (wrong), so I'm happy it exists.

    I just have some vain hope that maybe someday there will be some justice too. For Adnan's and Hae's family.
  14. I listen to Desert Island Discs (the original podcast), and WTF with Marc Maron.
  15. I'm a huge podcast person. Mostly film (the Voice Film Club owns my heart, Filmwax and The Close-up and Cinephiliacs) and politics ones (all of which I kind of despise but I spend hours every week listening to??).

    Everyone on this forum needs to listen to You Must Remember This. It's a weekly 35-min-ish podcast narrated, written and edited by this brilliant lady on the "secret and or forgotten histories of Hollywood's first century", it's super well-researched and -paced and entertaining and odd, ideal for anyone who's interested in gossip or gender or shady movie-star shit.

    Only music one worth a damn (notwithstanding general pop-culture ones like Slate's Gabfests or Grantland's ones) is the NYT's Popcast which is occasionally brilliant (their ep on FKA twigs and Tinashe was so good).
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  16. I think I maybe listen to Podcasts more than music, but I study radio at Uni so it’s a given I’d be a podcast geek as well.

    I love comedy podcasts, especially stuff from the Earwolf Network like Ronna and Beverley, Womp it Up and Improv4Humans. I’m awaiting the next series of Serial and can’t wait to see how they follow up on their stellar first run of episodes.

    Throwing Shade is probably the most frequently hilarious podcast I can think of, there is rarely an episode that doesn't make me burst out laughing at least once.

    But without question the Queen of Podcasts has to be Julie Klausner from How Was Your Week.That show has been a constant hit for as long as I can remember.

    I know Popjustice is going to be broadcasting something via the new Spotify station but I really think they missed a beat by not launching a Popjustice podcast (Podjustice, the name was right there!). Peter was great on the Radio 1 Review Show and he’s always got interesting opinions and has great interviews.

    And @dylanber is right. You Must Remember This is a really fascinating show that everybody should be listening to.
  17. I've just raced through season one of Start Up, which is really great. Interesting insight into what goes into starting a business, and some of the crazy money floating around in Silicon Valley.
  18. I love podcasts! As evidenced by my avatar, I've been listening to Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier's SModcast a lot lately - even without my pro-Smith bias factored in, they're great together, and I love how quickly they can turn from serious topics to cracking jokes. One of the episodes even inspired Kevin's most recent movie, Tusk.

    I'm also really into How Did This Get Made?, where Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas (and a guest or two) review shitty/unbelievable movies, and The Nerdist - Chris Hardwick is one of my all time favorite people (and bae as hell), and he's a great interviewer to boot. They've interviewed most of my favorite comedians as well as some huge celebrities.

    (I listen to a lot more than just those, but they're the ones I remember to check up on the most.)
    This was literally the very first podcast I was going to mention. I fucking love You Must Remember This - the Charles Manson series they've been doing lately is fascinating.
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  19. Y******s. I'm seeing Bryan and Erin live next week, beyond excited.
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