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Pointer Sisters

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by P Grandson, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. I read a review of Anita’s saying the only mention of Ruth is to express displeasure about her book.

    I played the greatest hits earlier, it’s cool they all have a lead vocal on a classic single at some point.
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  2. As aired on rage a couple of hours ago, as part of a tribute to Bonnie. This version of the video does not have the added movie scenes.

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  3. Great song and vocal by Bonnie!
  4. How have I never heard this before?! It's amazing!
  5. It’s a shame the Big Break remastered versions are hard to find now. Hopefully there’ll be a boxset or another deluxe project soon.
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  6. Yes, I passed on them originally but wish I'd got the Breakout 2CD now. Been revisiting my Pointer Sisters anthology with the view to improving/expanding it. Break Out is a classic 80s album.
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  7. Some angel uploaded this to YouTube recently. So many happy memories:

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  8. If I could see any live act ever, mid 80's Pointer Sisters would deffo be in my Top 5.
  9. Amazing stuff! Anita is really my favourite vocalist of the group, too bad she only made one solo record
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  10. I finally got around to reading Ruth's book. Why did I wait so long? I finished it so quickly, I could not put it down. I had no idea about her own problems but was aware that June and Bonnie were total messes (RIP). If you are after a pretty blunt account of being a pop star in the 70's and 80's, it is a must-read.

    It has also inspired me to get hold of some of the early Pointer Sisters stuff as I only really know the 80's/90's material. IIRC, Steppin' was her favourite of the early records and Breakout from their pop phase. She isn't fond of Serious Slammin' though (which I rather enjoy).
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  11. Totally agree. Love Ruth's book
  12. The sad thing is a group like that would never have the kind of success now like then. A group of (mid to late 30s at the time of Breakout?) who started 10 years earlier having such a huge album. Radio 1 wouldn't touch their like with a bargepole. I'd never heard of them before aged 13 but Automatic and Jump were such undeniable smashes I got the album. I also bought 'I need you' on single with 'Slowhand' on the b-side and then discovered they'd been around a while. But this was the era of Tina's comeback and the likes of Lionel Ritchie becoming a big star at a similar age to the sisters so it didn't seem unusual.
  13. Ruth was a grandmother.
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  14. In their heyday?
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  15. Yes. In 1984. She had 2 kids in the 60's before the band.
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  16. Legend. I loved that about the '80s. You had pop stars who were still in their 30s and 40s and selling like crazy. Yeah, the Pointer Sisters probably wouldn't smash now due to ageism but it's great that they smashed back in the '80s. There was nobody else like them on the radio. The vocals and harmonies really set them apart. And they were fun, and you could tell they were having fun.

    And their music ages well and never grates. I still listen to Jump and never get sick of it.
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