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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. *Violet Chachki voice* I hate GameFreak
  2. RJF


    The Pokémon becoming huge makes the static, turn-based battles even dumber.
  3. I've always related it as: regional variants are like variants/reskins or slide evolution, and mega evolution is basically burst evolution.
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  4. Oh my god. That do take nerve.

  5. GF apologists really still think the games are unfinished and will be polished up for release. To be able to live in such delusion...
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  6. Like literally don’t buy this game lmfao
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  7. "Alcremie's berries are as hard as diamonds."

  8. GF shouldn't have given the animation excuse, but on the other hand, having animations taken from Sun/Moon really... doesn't make the games any less enjoyable, it literally makes 0 difference. The Pokédex thing is a valid reason to be upset, but the nitpicking about every single little thing about these games is a bit too much.
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  9. No it doesn’t but we’ll be paying more for a game that looks like it was built for an almost decade old handheld console.

    And they opened themselves up to the nitpicky criticism - don’t say you cut something out (National Dex) to make something else better (animation) when everything you’ve revealed doesn’t prove so.
  10. Gigantamax Lapras actually sounds like it will look incredible though. They'll fuck it up, but let me dream.

    Fat Pikachu is always welcome in this haus.
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  11. This is really the crux of the matter. I've said this elsewhere: I don't particularly care about transferring old Pokémon. But if they're gonna make such a decision and base it around improvements in other areas... well.


    They brought this mess upon themselves and they have nothing to show for it.
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  12. These games will come with a premium charge but have graphics and animations copy + pasted from an old game from a weaker portable console. They are continuing the trend of doing the bare minimum with this franchise. So... I'm going to complain and scrutinize every little detail of these games like my name's Karen and that's that.
  13. I would like to mount the cake.
  14. How they callin this a high quality animation when my gay ass was animating this in Flash at age 8
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  15. Is this the move that they asked Japanese fans to name a few months ago?
    This was the best name they came up with????
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  16. The fact that the Gigantamax is basically just "mega evolution but make it bigger" really confuses the hell out of me. I thought the Gigantamax version of the cake Pokemon was its evolution at first. I'll still be buying this, but it's all a bit messy.
  17. [​IMG]

    Gamefreak apologists have worms for brains. WORMS.
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  18. The actual amount of contorting, I can't. If you're not fussed by a shitty move animation, just say so.
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