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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. As previously mentioned, that's understandable. But if you're removing Pokemon for better animation, then everything will be nitpicked, and rightfully so.
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  2. kal


    But let’s talk about the real reason they’re removing Pokémon. So far quite a few of the new ones are remakes of old Pokémon.

    They’re not just lazy. They’re creatively bankrupt. These games were supposed to be the first “console-level” Pokémon games, as per GameFreak’s own admission when they released the horrid Let’s Go.

    Instead, we get a half-baked 3DS game that’s even more incomplete than Sun & Moon, but at a 50% higher price. It’s fucking embarrassing. Fans are right to be outraged.

    To think I was initially planning to buy a Switch specifically to play these games... I have to laugh.
  3. I will buy Sword or Shield and enjoy it, im sure of it but it is a bit sad to see how GF muddied this really cool looking concept for a brand new region and adventure with some terrible reasoning for odd decisions, uncreative gimmicks and we're still several trailers away from the release. I also have zero faith in them when it comes to longevity of the game. SM is terrible when it comes to replay value (one of my favourite things about Pokemon games gens 1-6) because all of the cutscenes plus it just doesnt have much to offer after credits roll. I dont believe Sword/Shield will be any better sadly
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  4. This video makes several points:

  5. The Steel/Dragon thing looks like it could easily be an Armored Gigalith.
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  6. This is a bit off as an interpretation in my opinion. While too static for monsters during battle, the GameFreak animations actually show the mons breathing and their entire body follows with movement. Something more energetic would be better, but the battle revolution animations are not really great in my opinion as far as the representation of these pokemon goes.

    I saw these for the first time ever just now, and Starmie in a humanoid pose is disgusting and nothing like we've seen from Starmie in any other media as far as I can tell.

    The twitchy animation for Kecleon looks exhausting when it is displayed/executed with quick motions, no variation and on a loop indefinitely, and if I'm not mistaken Kecleon has not been been shown to be that twitchy in the anime which I am pretty sure Game Freak tries to be consistent with since they started making the 3DS titles at least.

    Hariyama in battle revolution does in fact look really in line with what he is supposed to act like in general, but perhaps I think that because I have no reference/memory of what Hariyama has been showcased like the series unlike the other two.

    Overall, I agree that the energy levels are off in GameFreak's animations. On the other hand the ones from battle revolution look very neurotic with no indication of caution or focus for being in a battle, and little regard for a kind of movement that seems natural for the creatures. A middle ground would be welcome. Off course they won't give us shit, obviously.

    edit: I do, of course, agree that the more vivid and inspired animations from battle revolution add to the character of the creatures and as such enhance the gaming experience. That goes without saying.
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  7. Man, some of these people don’t understand that there isn't just one animation, there is an idle, attack, defend, faint, etc animations - when all are 100% on then none of them are on. Back on Battle Revolution, they may have had 3 animation slots for each character - so the basic one had to do more, where as now they have 6+ (don't forget about Pokemon Ami).

    And I am no way apologizing for what is happening with Sw/Sh but a lot factors in to what is needed.
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  8. His point though is that the animations from Battle Revolution do a better job at conveying the character of the monsters. It's not that there's not enough of them. Most animations by Game Freak are too timid/minimal to have as much impact, even combined. He is not wrong, but he also ignores positive qualities of the Game Freak animations as well (such as the point about feeling more natural/effortless which I was trying to make above). Perhaps you are talking about the same thing?
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  9. To be fair to GF (and they really don’t deserve it given their fucking shoddy decisions) but we won’t know how incomplete the game is until launch. It’s still in development.
  10. Well I’m going to have so much fun riding my big ass cake queen all by myself and without any of you bitches.
  11. Riding? Oh, look! Another removed feature!
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  12. I’m. Going. To. Mount. The. Cake.
  13. U ok sis
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  14. While I do think the animations for this game could be pushed a little more than where they are currently at, the comparison to PBR is a little unfair as wasn’t that game all about battling and didn’t have a story to work on, puzzles, items, side games/quests, creating new Pokémon, and whatever else the normal game entails. Not trying to make excuses for GF but just want to say there’s more on their plate than PBR had. Which is why they could focus more on animation over other things.

    And before anyone jumps on and says “GF could just hire more people to animate the Pokémon”, video games, like film and TV shows, have budgets and that all gets assigned at the beginning of production. Now, if the game gets released and feels incomplete, we can be pissed. Until then, I’ll wait and see how it goes.

    Also, Starmie is a rigid Pokémon and is not like an actual starfish... that PBR animation is off model.
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  15. Didn’t Starmie have that animation in both Gen II and Gen V though?

    I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say but unless their priorities change these games will get staler as time goes on. Sure, there’s budgets etc but they also have no obligation to be churning out games as fast as they do. Imagine spending the money they did on pointlessly rehashing Sun & Moon and actually using that to make the original better. Same with Let’s Go... it was an unnecessary title and money down the drain when they could’ve put all of that into this new Gen. This will sell in abundance and have all the same issues as the recent games and the cycle will continue.
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  16. For a Pokémon fan, it sucks to see things go wasted on stupid games (Lets Go!) And not seeing it spent on the main ones.

    If they want to keep using these 3D models though, they could invest more money on the Pokémon in this game and then have those saved and ready for the next one. Slowly do this for every Pokémon till all have been reanimated well and do the ultimate game at that point. But by that point, I’m sure Pokémon fans would be upset that they’d be using the same model from X amount of years ago. There’s no winning.

    As for Starmie, it’s just too organic. All the anime appearances have been rigid and the art work has it not so rigid but not as flows as the PBR animation. On top of all of that. It seems like PBR took a lot of animations from Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 and slightly improved them.
  17. I guess it's pretty sad that this game is looking so bad it's between people defending GameFreak excuses about too much animation work and people wishing for more. Well, moving on.
  18. They are not doing this, though, are they? Certainly not for battles. Everything else should be secondary. Like, perhaps they have new animations for pokemon's reactions to the food you give them or the way you pet them, but if that is what they spend their resources on, I think every one of us would agree that it's better if we do not have that aspect of the games at all. No one is playing pokemon because they can see how happy they look after you brush their fur.
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  19. Same. I have actually yet to finish Sun/Moon; I got bored of it really quickly. I imagine I'll be spending quite a lot of time in the Wild Area, but the fact that we've yet to find out anything about the story/plot of the new games (as far as I know) makes me think I won't be that invested in it.

    Like I said before, I'll still be buying it (my best friend, who loves Pokemon and is rarely critical of anything, is really excited about it and wants to play the games with me), but I'm not feeling that hyped anymore.
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  20. In other news, I decided that Truant should simply be giving you a -1 in priority and a boost in attack for good balance.
    Similarly Defeatist should be lowering your attack and boosting your evasion.
    Abilities that are exclusively negative make no sense.
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