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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Good luck finding those abilities in the game!

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  2. Dddd, mystery solved, THIS was their intention all along.
  3. Something that also hasn't been mentioned that much is that Pokemon games come out more regularly than some of the other Nintendo franchises, I guess? Breath of The Wild was in development for a long time, and the sequel is only just being worked on. I always imagined Let's Go came about as a compromise in which Nintendo turned round to this studio who only made smaller handheld games previously and said "We need a Switch game this year". They had to churn that out quickly and then quickly also get this one together for the year after to save face. Doesn't excuse anything else on Game Freak's side, just another addition to the shit show basically.
  4. New Japanese trailer. Mawile, Ferrothorn and Toxapex are in.

  5. Just watched this earlier and really confirmed to me that the Shield one is the superior legendary.
    The shield "activation" animation is everything.

    I hate the Sword one. Imagine having to carry a fucking sword with your mouth (that you apparently were created/born bearing???) and wave using your neck to slash stuff. I don't want to know her.
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  6. No, they aren’t. I was just stating this as a possible way to update the models without going nuts and burning out your crew.
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  7. the sword one is the superior because it resembles sif
  8. Mawile in battle? With no mega? earthakittlaugh.gif

    If they're ditching megas, they could at least replace one of Mawile's abilities with Huge Power.
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  9. I actually think that stanning Amaterasu from Okami has made it even more difficult to like the Sword one. I mean, she is a frickin goddess which is why she gets to be cool like that. Not everyone has that.
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  10. Wouldnt be surprised if Mega evos are gone just as a term and instead they'll tell us that these Pokemon undergo Gigantamax in Galar and their appearance is the same as their mega form just bigger...

    Surprisingly (?) enough many Pokemon that mega evolve are in Galar dex...
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  11. I hadn't thought of that but it actually makes sense. I hope that's true rather than megas being gone entirely.
  12. or they could have not had dynamaxing.

    Anyways I’m still buying the sword dog one because I love sword dog but I’m also an awful person.
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  13. So GF aren't lazy, just down right incompetent and have piss poor planning decisions?

    Did they really think people wanted a stupid gimmick that'll be forgotten about in a couple years over the national dex? lmao
  14. Imagine focusing half your staff on an unproven new property rather than the beloved multi-million dollar franchise.

  15. Imagine telling your staff that they have to reanimate hundreds of Pokemon, then animate them again at 10 times the size for a gimmick that will be tossed aside in a few years

  16. This... all sounds like crap. If it was a matter of frame rates then they only need more... frames? If it was a matter of quality, how come previous models were said to be quality-proof or whatever term was used to describe that they could be used in higher quality games in the future? If they had to make the bigger models for Dynamaxing all over again why not just scrap dynamaxing altogether make the dynamaxing models only and then scale them down for regular versions? Or do they mean that the animations had to be different for dynamaxing (which doesn't make new models a requirement)? None of it makes sense, there are always ways to work around all of that that do not include starting all over again.

    The wording of "Dynamaxing forces Gamefreak" is a kii. It's a game feature, it's not Trump.

    edit: Also, if there were such massive issues with carrying over their properties, but Gamefreak aimed at such minimal improvements regarding the graphics, why even have the improvements at all? The game does not look up to the console's standards anyway, so why do it all over again if you do not intend to meet them?
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  17. I mean the emerging info has been a kii to read but absolutely none of these half-arsed excuses should be my - a paying player’s - concern when playing the game.
  18. I maintain that Dynamax is a fine, if not good, feature. It mashes up Z Moves and Megas whilst also nerfing them.
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  19. I agree! But we also did not need them turning into giants if that means designing the models two times for the same game.
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