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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Thick brows and "Sour Curry"

    Drag us

  2. Extensive character customization AND my favorite pokemon line confirmed?

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  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    It looks bonkers. I'm in.
  4. Hey, we didn't get all the mons, but look at all those curry ingredients/recipes/models!
    Playing with the mons and cooking/eating are both fun to watch as some sort of... cut scene in the context of the trailer, but it's definitely not going to be as fun to play, especially if turns out you have no reason to.

    I love the silly bird, the teapot is okay, and the character customization is cute!
    I was trying to see which Alcremie variants I liked best, but they are all kinda shit?
    Yes, the general figure and the face are okay, but there is too much going on with that wig and the toppings can't save it.
  5. I've only just seen this and I'm SO EXCITED. That seagull is the best thing I've ever seen,
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  6. These new features like camping, cooking and trainer cards actually look pretty fun. The customisation is great too, and I quite like the new Pokémon as well, especially Cramorant. Its ability seems quite promising.
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  7. Anyone else had the temptation to put curry on toast since watching the trailer?
  8. Destroying the entire Elite 4 with my haunted teapot.
  9. Game freak coming up with new Pokémon

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  10. It's honestly looking fantastic. I also like the fact that they aren't showing that much from these games.

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  11. Jam


    So Polteageist is the usual possessed-item-yokai-ghost-thing we get pre-release, not what I was expecting but I like it more from the in game footage after only seeing the artwork last night when
    I got home.
    A big ghost type fan, I initially disliked the last two gens' Honedge and Sandygast lines, in total 'what the hell, thats just a sword/sandcastle' but they eventually became some of my favourite pokemon and were on my team in their respective games, so the ball is in your court Polteageist....
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  12. kal


    Gee, I wonder why.
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  13. RJF


    I can’t at fucking Maractus being confirmed.
  14. where is this from???
  15. They probably think they can pass ha off as a brand new Pokemon.
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  16. I thought it was a new Pokémon when I first saw it. Such a boring Pokémon.
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  17. I like the outfits. Look like we're finally going to be able to serve actual looks.
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  18. Looks like they’ve improved the textures since we last saw the game.

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  19. I think the game looks gorgeous.
  20. I cant at Cherubi being in! Its the first time since Platinum that Cherubi made it into the regional dex. If Glameow made it i'll be shocked

    Same. Ok i know there are far better looking switch games but Sword and Shield really doesnt look bad at all (bar this atrocious and infamous berry tree).

    Overall im pretty pleased. The setting and the regions style alone make it a very promising game for me. These new reveals are great. I like new mons, the customization seems better than ever and camp is a new fun version of amie/refresh.

    But... Im still waiting for that special something. I feel like they keep the best reveals for the month before release (so in this case its October). I hope they do have something in store that will make the fans go wild.
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