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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Maractus and Liepard getting in over literally any other gen 5 Pokemon is tragic.
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  2. Polteageist being purple despite literally being composed of black tea

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  3. I hope that maybe Maractus can get a new evolution. Same with Cherrim and some other less popular mons
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  4. I love Cherubi, I wish Cherrim could just stay in its sunshine form permanently.
  5. It would be cool if Polteageist was part-water. Let me drown the enemies in tea using surf.
  6. Yeah, it being pure ghost is kind of weird honestly, when it's literally a liquid. It could also have been part Grass because of the different tea herbs and whatnot. I'm sure it'll get a few Grass moves at least.
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  7. They won't be able to make me feel happy about this games. First time in my Pokemon history. That's how upset i am.
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  8. The moment my girl Jigglypuff is confirmed is when I’ll finally be on board
  9. Gloomy Cherrim is much cuter to me!
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  11. A ghost teapot Pokemon that sometimes allows it’s trainer to taste it’s tea?

    Me found waiting for royalties
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  12. Would be cute if Polteageist also gigantamaxed evolved into a repaired teapot with a full set of teacups. Beauty and the Beast teas.

    As I've said before Cherrim would be a brilliant three stages evolution line:
    The gloomy one is very clearly a middle, transitional stage, can't believe it wasn't canon all along.

    edit: Bonus tweets

    If it's not a flying type what is the point though.

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  13. Seems this trailer must have revealed a few more older mons that we didn't know were going to be in?

    Haven't checked on Serebii yet.
    Yeah, they've updated their Galar dex, they say it was 20 new entries, or something.
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  14. This what Whitney does to her Miltank when you finally manage to beat it
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  15. I'll be so upset if Honedge wont be in Sword and Shield especially after Solrock and Lunatone werent in SM/USUM
  16. It absolutely HAS to learn Scald at some point.
  17. It's interesting that both Flying types revealed so far have Flying as their primary typing. It's always annoyed me that Flying type got relegated to secondary typing only.

    More pure Flying types and retroactively erasing Normal typing from the majority of the Flying types next please.
  18. Alcremie variants number has grown to 28 (and might get bigger?). And here's GF lack of consistency. They wont add all Pokemon to the game because its too much work but they'll create bazillion pointless forms for a Pokemon they most likely forget next gen when the number of its forms will become a burden (see Vivillon)
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  19. Well, the Alcremie variants are just simple palette swaps combined with five alternate head pieces/eye colours, so it's not like it'd be hard to implement them all into a game.
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  20. Yeah, but alternate textures are not really that much effort. Especially in Alcremie's case where every four or six variants are mere recolored versions of each other. At least Vivillon's required a bit more effort with the patterns. They can make 100 Alcremie variants and it will probably still be less effort that adding another dozen old mons to the game with all the appropriate animations for playing, cooking and all the other crap.
    We've reached a point where I wish they'd make Obstagoon's arms a bit more animated in battle and I'll be happy.
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