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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Spinda's 4 billion+ pattern variants found unbothered.
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  2. It feels very weird to not be excited about an upcoming Pokemon game but here we are.
  3. They still have no excuse. They aren't an indie company. Pokemon is the most successful franchise ever. They are totally capable of putting all the Pokemon.
  4. Of course they don't.
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  5. One thing thats new to me is that i dont have any team planned yet even though i always had one in mind based on the reveals (it usually changed a bit but still). If i absolutely had to pick anything it would be Scorbunny...and then what? Maybe Alcremie, Yamper... maybe Rolycoly. Polteageist only because i like object mons. Possibly Cramorant or Corviknight. But most of these are just very loose maybe
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  6. Did we discuss the auto save? Apparently in the trailer, you can see a message that says auto-save was successful or something like that. It would be cute, even necessary, as long as it remains optional. I think. What say you?
  7. Optional is the only way to go if available. There are so many times that you'd rather load a save rather than continue playing: Whiting out, resetting for shinies, a mon evolved earlier than you wanted it to etc. If auto-save is a forced feature it's going to cause a lot of backlash.
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  8. Doesn't the message say "now saving" or something? That doesn't necessarily mean it's auto-save, it could just show up after manual saves, like what happens in a lot of games. Even if it is auto-save I'm sure it won't be mandatory as that'd have a huge impact on the way people play these games.
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  9. I can’t imagine how it would work though, like it saves when you enter a building and I’d assume every new route but you do that soooo often, it would be a bit overkill.
  10. I guess it will be like in Breath of the Wild, that auto saves in case anything happens but you can manually save and load that state if you want to.

    I think the game is looking better and better, I bet my ass they're working on an update right now that will bring all the pokémon to the game, they're just quiet about it, if you ask me is the smartest thing to do.
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  12. Okay so I’m playing Pokemon Masters nn and you can BEST believe I’m using it to make iconic girl gang teams such as *checks note* Karen, Janine and Shauntal!


    Faggotry can be found in anything.
  13. I'm so excited for this game I need it now.


    Me in three months.
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  14. I’m only using the male characters I find cute/hot nñn
    A different kind of faggotry.
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  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Did my first ever PoGo raid hour today and caught all four formes of Deoxys. C’mon social anxiety let’s stay poppin!!!
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