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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Something went wrong with writing the IF-statements in the code this time around and they had to cut costs so they couldn't fix it!
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  2. I’m about two hours in and have just gotten the Dynamax Band and it’s all very charming.
  3. For all the mess I do love the British-ness they sometimes pepper in the dialogue.
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  4. So I seriously need to scour whole Amsterdam to get an exemplar of Shield without reservation I-
  5. Well guess whose game didn't arrive today

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  6. Wait wtf now I actually got one with a discount

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  7. So at this point it's likely we'll get Sinnoh remakes next, which will almost certainly include Dynamax/Gigantamax versions of the starters' final evolutions.

    Remember the Detective Pikachu movie? Their minds.
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  8. When a character called me "mate" for the first time

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  9. I finally started this an hour ago, and I like it. The graphics (in the towns and battles) are better than I thought they'd be. I do wish the towns would be more open. The starter town looks super pretty, but there's so much of the town that you can't actually visit. It's a shame.

    I also really like the new Pokemon that I've seen so far. Especially the new elephant one.
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  10. In recent games, your "rival" - who is actually your good friend, because GameFreak wants our character to be in friendly competition with a good friend than have like an enemy, picks the one you're strong against.
    And then in some of the recent games there will be a rival who uses the left over 3rd choice. Or the Professor uses it in a battle against you later on or something.
  11. RJF


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  12. Which one did you get?
  13. Damn, I did no research prior except knowing the Farfetch'd line was in sword, so I have that Ponyta-less piece of trash sat in my bag ready to now disappointedly play when I get home.
    I may have an *emergency* so I can leave for Game before they close
  14. Just ask if he's a top or bottom
  15. Scorbunny is the most beautiful little thing.
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  16. I don’t hate the art style they’ve gone for but they’ve been really lazy with some of the textures.

    I’m pretty sure Let’s Go looked better.
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    Sword baby.
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  18. All the Max Raid battles that I see are for trash pokemons. How do you do the one from the event?
  19. Jam


    Just to add one more sticking turd on the end of my day, I get home, expecting to find my dual pack pre-order from Game, (after getting a delivery text from Royal Mail) To find the packet only includes the pre-order bonus figure of the starters. I have no idea where my game(s) are.
  20. I think I'm going to end up choosing it as well. Picking the Fire starter is usually a good idea since generally there are a lot more interesting Water and Grass Pokémon in the wild than Fire ones.
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