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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Not even fought the first gym and I already have 21 pokemon and counting.... VERY different.
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  2. RJF



    maybe I have a brain bleed


    I’ve just finished the second gym and

    I’m kind of enjoying myself?????
  3. Yes because even if the game COULD be better... the allure of catching and evolving and battling monsters is a base concept that has been strong for over 20 years.

    I really am hoping that after the first gym, the cut scenes become a little more sparse? I can't walk 2 feet without someone needing to talk to me or bring me somewhere or do a quick battle with Hop or point out landmarks... Like... Everyone just needs to shut the hell up and leave me alone a bit.
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  4. Firing up a new Pokemon game and being surprised by the first new Pokemon you come across in the early routes is a great feeling.

    I have avoided all spoilers so seeing Skwovert, Rookidee, Chewtle and Nicket all pop up unexpectedly was fantastic.

    Regardless of all the criticism I’ve been reading I’m thoroughly enjoying this so far.
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  5. This still bops but I am a bit disappointed they didn't go with the rave feeling the whole way through.
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  7. My trainer class when I pick this up tomorrow morning: upload_2019-11-15_22-34-29.png
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  8. Jdjfidjr dying at everyone buying the game
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  9. Might join y’all.

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  10. The fact you can get a Natu before the first gym. Maybe I stan that spherical bird.
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  11. Jokes on all of you, I can’t afford the game so I get to protest by my lonesome while everyone else converts and has moderate fun with it

  12. "You can't throw a Pokeball, it wont let its guard down!"

    So.. they tell me to go to the wild area to catch new Pokemon and the first Pokemon I see I can't even catch yet...?
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  13. Joining clown school with everyone else...but already found a used copy for ¥1,000 cheaper than asking price.
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  14. Speaking of which, I think both this and the "it won't obey you" systems are stupid. Just don't let me use a higher-than-allowed-level mon, and don't even let my own mons level up higher than that threshold if it really matters that much (this would also somewhat balance the obligatory abuse of exp share). The idea that you can over-level your own mons but are not allowed to catch a similarly over-leveled wild mon is....wild.
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  15. Also totally a Shield but they only had Sword so Imma need someone to trade me the mons I want. ddddd
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  16. I've only just entered the second city, but I'm enjoying the game so far. Like everyone else I'm frustrated that I can't catch higher-level Pokemon, but I love that I can still battle them. It's reminding me slightly of Breath of the Wild, except instead of avoiding Lynels I'm avoiding the scary Onix that my team can't beat yet. I also love that some Pokemon will chase you, whereas the others will run away from you looking scared.

    I'm proud of myself that I didn't look at most of the leaks, because it means I get to go "WHAT IS THAT!?" whenever a new Pokemon pops up in a city or in a café.
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  17. I've seen all the leaks and I'd still go "what is THAT?" if I ever get a chance to play this game without paying a dime because I've sort of forgotten them all by now ddd.
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  18. I don't mind the level inhibitor too much.

    It's like how in the old games you couldn't control higher level Pokemon that a friend traded you until you got certain badges.
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  19. I just got a flashback to me winning the Johto league using only a level 70 Blastoise that wouldn't listen to me. Good times.
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