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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. But it isn't a gigantamax, it's a Dynamax. Wooloo remains cute but useless.
  2. Missed a chance for a normal/rock type with the tangling hair ability with wooloo.
  3. Cyber Monday clownery:
    Got it at the price of a regular Switch with no extras.
    Sadly it's the Let's Go Pikachu version, but I was doing it for the Mew in the pokeball controller and the extra Switch console anyway, so whatever.
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  4. RJF


    I got a Ditto with five perfect IVs in a Raid Battle. Yas.
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  5. I was thinking what is the best Pokemon game pacing wise and i think thats Platinum. There's just so much to do and explore between each gym and in general between each big event in the game. Diamond in Pearl is kind of messed by the gym leader order (Fantina refuses a battle and you need to battle Maylene and Wake before you can go back to fight her) but Platinum fixes everything. Next would be Black and White and then BW2. Sword and Shield is probably the worst considering the routes get shorter and shorter and there's no extra areas in between (wild area really doesnt count). I did like the very first few hours of the game the best. The routes are good enough and there's enough happenning to keep things fresh and interesting. I feel like everything slowly starts to fall apart after first gym and it gets faster with each gym.

    God i wish we could get big and rich regions like Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova again. Full of dungeons and exploration...
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  6. RJF


    Platinum is the best Pokémon game ever.
  7. Sun and Moon are probably the worst.
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  8. I have really enjoyed Sword, but yeah the first few hours are the best. If they had just fleshed the towns and routes out, or added more mythology or more side quests, I think it would have been a great game.

    They must have run out of time.
  9. Scream at the tyrogue.
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  10. I'm at the start, and it's already disappointing in terms of features. Zero touchscreen capabilities that were there before. The locked fucking camera in the cities and routes (where it matters most to have it unlocked). Yes, the mons are cute and I'm having a great time, but not thanks to anything related specifically to this current gen in particular. Also playing in French to get an other-language ditto to breed shinies with, so I hardly understand anything. Leon is already annoying to even look at.
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  11. Got my Giga Hatterene last night, it took 4 attempts and nearly a year of date changes to spawn her but I have her now.
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  12. I.... Never played Platinum.
    It's funny, I am like the only person in the world who didn't really care much for Ruby/Sapphire, so I never bothered to play Emerald. And I really didn't care for Diamond and Pearl so I never bothered to play Platinum either. I've been more curious recently to go back and play Emerald and Platinum but... I don't think I could go back to the 2D sprites after having the 3D models.
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  13. I've never played Platinum either! I wish I had because I played the hell out of Diamond and Pearl.
  14. Both Platinum and Emerald fix a lot of the issues of the originals, they add new content and just make everything better and richer. As an example Emerald gym leader teams are SO MUCH better and harder than Ruby and Sapphire's while Platinum adds all new Pokemon introduced in gen 4 to Sinnoh Dex unlike Diamond and Pearl which had many new mons post game only (for whatever reason) and you couldnt use stuff like Togekiss, Lickilicky, Gallade, Frosslass, Glaceon or Leafeon. But there's a lot more. Battle frontiers, gym leader rematches, extra locations (not much but they're still good), better stories over the originals, better use of evil teams etc

    On a side note
    This is so relatable
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  15. One of Marnie or Piers should have been a Poison specialist with a G-Max Toxtricity, that also heavily uses Dark as a nod to their relationship.

    Piers: Toxicroak - Drapion - Obstagoon -Toxtricity (Amped)
    Marnie: Scrafty - Morpeko - Toxtricity (Low Key) - Mandibuzz - Grimmsnarl


    Piers: Obstagoon - Scrafty - Toxtricity (Amped) - Grimmsnarl
    Marnie: Toxicroak - Toxapex - Vileplume - Morpeko - Toxtricity (Low Key)

    The battle with Piers is just so lame the way it is, and I think G-Max Toxtricity is the only new Galarian G-Max that isn't used as someone's ace at any point.
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  16. Makes ya wonder if they'll do a Sword Shield third game to expand upon what they have here because they need it. It's just a shame it'll come at another SIXTY DOLLARS.
  17. RJF


    I've almost completed the Pokédex! Link Trade has actually been shockingly useful! Me and some random helped each other do all our trade evolutions, giving every Pokémon back to one another, and others have been getting the hint when I've been ramming version exclusives at them. Might end up drafting some of y'all in to help mop up the outliers.
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  18. Then you can get the Shiny Charm and start doing some serious shiny hunting!
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