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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I'll never get the appeal of shiny hunting / breeding. Shinies are only special because they are so rare, they are supposed to be an "OH SHIT" moment, a little oddity in your collection (specially since most of them don't look particularly good dd). Turning it into a mathematical certainty just defeats the point IMO. I'd only do it for a color variation I REALLY wanted and preferred over the original.
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  2. I found a shiny Linoone in a raid. I left her in the PC ddd.
  3. I guess the three reasons to do it are a.like you say if you like the shiny better, b.getting all the sninies as the next step in completing your collection (I suppose that's why they give you the shiny charm once you complete your collection), or c.make a "job" out of it, either selling or gifting shinies around? They all seem valid to me.

    The rules are actually rather simple. A ten minutes youtube video suffices to get what you have to do, so it's not like you have to study it extensively in order to get it right.

    I like the shiny Toxel line and the shiny Purloin line the most out of all the shinies I think, and the shinies of the Purloin line and the regular Zigzagoon line should be their regular color schemes in my opinion.

    I'm definitely trying to make a shiny Toxel for this game, and maybe a Purloin if/when I decide I want one in my team in the future.

    I agree the vast majority of shiny colorations are hideous, and I feel they look like someone randomly toyed with the settings in an image editor with no consideration for what the result actually looks like.

    At the same time, I generally think it is terrible that you only have a single alternate color scheme which is also so ridiculously rare. For so many common real-life animals, color and pattern variations are extremely common and relatively plentiful within a species. I wish pokemon reflected that.

    They should keep the actual sparkling effect as the only aspect of what constitutes a shiny regardless of its actual color (akin to the foil cards concept of TCGs), and make every mon with four or more perfect IVs shiny as well while they're at it. But in the list of things they should work on, that's firmly at the bottom, I guess. I couldn't care less if the concept didn't even exist altogether to be honest.

    The aforementioned families in their regular and shiny forms along with a few comments:

    And a link in case the viewer doesn't work (as usual).

    I like the shiny Purloin/Liepard line better and think it should be its regular variation because I think regular Liepard's colors look pretty bad as a combination, I absolutely adore how luxurious shiny Liepard looks, and I also like how the color change from shiny Purloin to shiny Liepard mirrors that of Skitty's turning into Delcatty.

    I like shiny Zigzagoon/Linoone better because the last thing we needed was another beige normal type rodent (especially after how iconic the Sentret/Furret line was and doing everything so much better). The reddish clay color is a nice way to set it apart and I love how much more vicious Linoone looks with yellow eyes.

    Toxel looks crap either way but I think that shiny Toxtricity's base color works better for both the Amped and Low Key form, whereas the regular purple one does not work half as well for the Low Key form's blue bits as it does for the Amped form's yellow.

    And speaking of shinies, love (hate) how shiny Drizzile has the same secondary color as its other two forms (pink), while the regular one randomly trades the yellow for green. Their minds...
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  4. What is with the abundance of Dreepy’s on Surprise Trade? I must have gotten at least half a dozen (if not more) yesterday!
  5. it’s pretty popular competitively at the moment. I’ve had a lot of breeding rejects.
  6. The Wild Area is scary! The cute innocent Gloom was ten levels higher than my team, and the next moment a Steelix was flying by me!
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  7. I think im mostly the same allthough you cant just encounter all shiny Pokemon like for example the starters. I did a lot of breeding for starters and thats how i got me a shiny Chespin in Moon which i've send later to Ultra Sun on the release date and i've used it as a part of my team (alongside Popplio, Zorua, Pichu, Rockruff and Sandygast). But yes, as an example the chain fishing shinies just arent as valuable to me as the random ones or the starters from breeding. Legends are yet another thing. They're always event exclusives so they're just cute collectibles
  8. Shiny hunting/breeding is what keeps me coming back the Pokemon. My shiny Celebi from Crystal and Shiny Mudkip from soft resting in ORAS being my favourite hunts. Playing through the start with a shiny felt really special and I had a good nature.

    It’s just another aspect of the games competitive play/shiny hunting/nuzzlockes.
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  9. I wish you could encounter all starters in the wild just like Lets Go did it. That just makes so much sense. Ok i get that these Pokemon are so valuable but just make them very rare (maybe not Feebas in gen 3 and 4 levels of rare but almost). They should be part of the region since they're such staples of each region. I know you can get everything with trading but thats just not the way i like to play. I like to encounter and catch my own Pokemon. I only play with trades whenever i wanna go through the game with version exclusives. I did it recently with Moon and i just dont like how they get extra exp no matter what. Plus nickname can be an issue too.

    As an example Chilkorita should be in Azalea forest, Totodile on route 32 near the bridge, Cyndaquil on route 35 beyond Goldenrod
  10. Oh @ Runerigus being...a bit good with that typing. Welcome to the team, darling.

    Still running LOADS of 'mon trying to keep all roughly at level with each other, thought I know some will need to go by the wayside.
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  11. I've been using one for a while. I was trying to keep to one Galarian form on the team and I wasnt expecting to be the one but I really like using it.

    Speaking of, I've just beaten Ms. Opal. She can totally say Cofagrigus.

  12. Dedenne needs to get ha Fairy type status revoked. She doesn't have the range.
  13. I still don't really understand the addition of Fairy types. Did GameFreak just really want to make some real gay and glittery moves and didn't know what typing it should be?
  14. Probably something along those lines. The other types cover pretty much every aesthetic niche, but until Fairy they didn't really have one specifically for cute and girly sparkly magic, neither Normal or Psychic really felt like good fits, with Normal being more of a "neutral", animal flavor, and Psychic being more "mental", brainy abilities (with a little dash of "witch" magic like Delphox and Hatterene).

    The name also fits much better with the franchise than some kind of Light or Holy type cause it covers kind of the same ground without being necessarily tied to "goodness", allowing them to have fun with stuff like ogres, gremlins, trickster elves, etc.
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  15. It was a nerf for Dragon, which was otherwise quite overpowered, and also gave some random buffs to Poison and Steel. Steel especially was a more defensive typing, so it benefits from having another offensive advantage. Overall mostly just balance to the type roster.
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  16. Dragapult is the #1 highest used Pokemon in competitive OU battles right now so like someone said they're likely breeding rejects.
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  17. I like that the Fairy type was introduced, mainly because the bros and douchebags got so incensed that their überbuff Fighting types and dickwaving Dragons were reduced to nothing by pink puffballs like Clefairy.
  18. I've been thinking, they should just stop doing remakes and start doing sequels instead. Give me Platinum 2.
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  19. I am 75 Pokémon away from finishing this Dex, come on baybeeeee.
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  20. I used a Runerigus on my main team as well. With Will-O-Wisp, Sand Tomb, Phantom Force and Earthquake, plus those stats, that typing and that ability, she's downright evil. I love it.
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