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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. This^.

    + The soundtrack and missing voice-acting really throws me off. Its a console game - the hollow plastic music and missing voice-acting worked for a nintendo ds game since you played it on the go (and I mostly listened to music or watched tv while playing) but as a console game its just so disappointing.
  2. I personally hate voice-acting, so I'm glad it continues to be missing from Pokemon games. I dread to think what Hop would sound like.
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  3. Understandable -but atleast make the soundtrack a bit more dynamic? a few more sounds?
    The whole game sounds so CHEAP.
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  4. I’ve just hatched 3 shiny Sobble in a row!!!! And one with perfect 5IV for Timid nature. Sadly all male though.
  5. Wow, the odds on that happening must be huge?
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  6. Guess I will never find out.
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  7. At full odds it'd be 1 in 68 billion - @Espeon, if you aren't using Masuda method/shiny charm I'd suggest getting a lottery ticket!

    I was gagged when I got two shiny Aurorus three eggs apart whilst Masuda breeding in Alpha Sapphire. Funnily enough, the first came just after 1,000 eggs so two in quick succession actually balanced out at close to the Masuda + shiny charm odds of 1/512
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  8. I think it’s probably because I take the eggs out vertically so they weren’t necessarily in the correct order but yeah I was using the masuda but I’ve never had 3 before from the same box!

    But it did taken a 1000 eggs for my Gossifleur to shine so it evens it self out.
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  9. Let's be honest, if this game had voice acting it would just highlight how poor the script is. And it probably would be some cheap voice actors doing the parts.

    This is a game series that continues to have 99.9% of the Pokemon's cries just be weird MIDI screams so I wouldn't bet on getting voice acting anytime soon.

    That being said, I do have a good chuckle whenever the Cheer is used in a raid and the character just like, squirts out some compressed MIDI sounds.
  10. I mean just imagine the cutscenes being inspired by the actual anime, persona-style ... the possibilities
  11. RJF


    Over a thousand eggs... for that Pokémon?
  12. send me some of your luck haha!
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  13. These are so good. I’d use the original electric Dino in every battle.
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  14. I think I hatched even more than that for shiny Ducklett so... *shrug*
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  15. He did the poor thing so wrong though, he just stuck legs on its top half when it's clear that it's only half its body. It would be one of my highlights of this gen too if we had it.
  16. RJF


    The fossil Pokémon are a fucking abomination and I hope we never have to suffer such ugliness ever again.
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  17. The gen 8 fossil Pokemon made me think (for the first time ever) that these Pokemon shouldnt exist. Its just a bad, bad idea.

    Also i hate how evil teams are just all fucking jokes and turn to be our pals in the end and yet they somehow were able to take over the entire cities. Even the rich people of Team Flare or smartasses at Team Plasma couldnt afford it. Dumbasses from Team Skull and Yell could
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  18. The fossil Pokémon might be ugly, but the concept of joining mismatched parts of two ancient creatures into a bizarre hybrid is kind of genius. It's definitely one of the most creative Pokémon concepts GF has come up with.
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  19. Classist.
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  20. Team Yell didn't actually take over any city though, since the city is basically the Gym they're members of. The only thing they did was stop people from entering it.
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