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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Considering the gen 8 fossils I am shook they used that concept and I applaud them for going on a trend break like that. But, muffy sis... the execution into practice.
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  2. It’s pink and fairy... I’m a basic gay.
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  3. Going through the entire game without a real antagonist is another thing this story was missing. They didn't even make Team Yell evil or nefarious. I need a VILLAIN (Throughout the entire game!)
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  4. I dont get how some 5 star raids are supposed to work. The dynamaxed Pokemon puts out a barrier..twice and they can move several times in a row...? Why? And how come the text says their defenses fell harsly but when i attack with a super effective Gmax move (sometimes even 4x) their health goes down only a tiny bit...only for it to go down in a flash when the second barrier breaks...?

    I still managed to do many 5 stars (even with the assistance of Isabella and her buffed Magikarp - yay) but i gave up on Gardevoir and Toxtricity.
  5. I don't mind the execution, it is purposefully goofy and part of its charm/true to the concept. I mind that it was a way out of designing complete creatures. Bravo for the idea, but when you rob me of complete creature designs I cannot exactly upplaud you when that's your fucking job. Even the idea of these creatures remaining forever mismatched/suffering is extremely disturbing. They don't seem all that happy/comfortable.
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  6. They could’ve solved the problem by having the fossil Pokémon getting their proper form when traded or something with another fossil Pokémon that has their other half. Then we could have the goofiness with legit ones as well.
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  7. Well, after 80 hours on my main game. I started a second save, and it's a nuzlocke.

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  8. I have to disagree. They're a great idea executed flawlessly.
    The design does what it needed to do: you look at it and immediately think "this isn't right". I've seen people saying "b-but the execution!" and then they post some fanart that makes the two parts connect beautifully with a smooth gradient, but then... it becomes just another Pokémon design. A fish-dinosaur is a regular Pokémon. A fish-dinosaur glued on from the wrong end is an amazing concept for a monster.

    And even being "not right", they still have charm. The way Dracovish walks wobbling around like an idiot, the way Arctozolt shivers from its cold body, their dumbass dex entries. The designers managed to take a concept that could easily be grotesque for grotesque's sake and turn it into memorable characters.

    And from an art perspective, they still have nice shapes, pleasant color combinations, etc. They are purposefully "ugly", but it doesn't come from a lack of competence. It's called a stylistic choice.

    Y'all just can't accept that ugly =/= badly designed, and this is coming from someone whose team of favorite Pokémon looks like some sort of Barbie / Winx Club pets collection. It's Trubbish all over again.

    What do you mean by "a way out of" designing complete creatures? Are you implying that they "had" to make the fusions because they couldn't come up with the rest of the design or did I misunderstand?
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  9. I like the fossils too. They're so ridiculous and stupid and hilarious/horrifying (depending on your perspective ddd). Dracovish might be one of my favourite designs from this generation. It's just so absurd. The bottom half of a torso with a fish head attached to its tail that can run really fast but can't even breathe on land? It just works because it obviously shouldn't.
  10. The fact that the Dex entry is clearly just Cara Liss bullshittingis the best thing ever. A Gaga "Fear of..." chai.
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  11. Not at all, I only meant that they couldn't be bothered and they could afford that because of the concept. I do think it is far easier to design half a memorable creature and I think that it is a big part of the reason why we didn't get both halves of each, but I don't blame it on incompetence or lack of skill or whatever, just the general half-arsed-ness/fuckery we've come to expect regarding all sorts of aspects of the games with each new gen.
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  12. Finished the story, and Leon being the actual only slightly challenging fight in the main campaign was pretty sad, but that isn’t to say I didn’t find Sword memorable.

    It has its faults, but I’m glad they didn’t manage to completely disappoint me when I was going into it completely prepared to be let down.
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  13. Jurassic Park would like to have a word with you...
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  14. Actually it's genius because it's what scientists actually used to do in past when trying to figure out how the bones they had discovered fit together (spoilers: they didn't) and essentially created hybrids. A lot of that happened in the UK from what I gather.
    Jurassic Park can take a sit!
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  15. Wait but then is it really genius if it is already an existing concept that has been done many times before? I think NOT!
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  16. The barriers go up when their HP gets down to specific points, for example at 80% or 50%, I think it depends on the Pokémon. So if a Pokémon is at 81% HP, even if you deal enough
    damage to KO it, if its barriers are set to go up at 80%, it'll only lose 1% of its HP.

    The hardest raid I've ever come across was a five star Malamar. Since it has the Contrary ability, when its barriers break its defenses actually go up instead of down, and any Max moves that would decrease any of its stats raise them instead as well. Seemed kind of impossible unless you use Topsy-Turvy on it or something.
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  17. I wanted to give the online competition that happened this weekend a try, so I registered my main team for it. Because of that, I was completely unable to either unregister it or use it elsewhere (like, as my party) until today. A design choice.
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  18. I caught a Gigantamax Snorlax even with that damn Magikarp on the team!
  19. XXX


    I was going to go back into the wild area to work on completing my Pokémon only to find out that... all Pokémon there are now level 60. I was hoping I could just throw an Ultra Ball at the weaklings and that'd be it. I don't wanna go through all that trouble to catch a bunch of Pokémon I do not even want.
  20. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Oh damn if that's how it works I better go back there before I progress any further.
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