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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. G-max moves (or whatever they are called) are all incredibly crap, aren't they.
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  2. Hi, all! Friendly heads up that, over in the General Video Games thread, we're doing a PJ 2019 Game of the Year/Best of the Decade Awards that you can vote in. Plenty of categories here but no need to vote in every one.

    So, if you hate the new games and want to at least do a protest vote for Yokai Watch 4 as Best RPG, make sure you submit to my inbox by January 19!
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  3. I have to admit I teared up a bit. Get well soon John.
  4. This is so nice.
    And more story than the entire game provided.
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  5. Why are a young Tai and Matt from Digimon in this?

    Even the other boy's voice and the way he puts his hand behind his head reminded me of Tai.
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  7. RJF


    Why are these things always better looking and better written than the anime and the games? Like:

    The DRAMA. And the world building that goes into it.
  8. Higher budget and/or shorter production time - so they can go to boutique studios who can put more compositing / care into them.
  9. Probably because they think they need to focus on kids hence why the anime and games never really go outside the safe zone (maybe with the exception of Mewtwo movie, BW game, XYZ series finale). Shorts seem to be aimed at older, hardcore Pokemon audience
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  10. The promotional shorts are always more exciting.

    I like this one. Gym leaders don’t fuck about, just straight into Hyper Beams and Frenzy Plants, blowing up enemy Seviper...!
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  11. I want the series to take more cues from Sugimori's work... the trailer for ORAS was so well done.

  12. This is why we don't need Ash.
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  13. If anyone has a Hattena in a Dream Ball as maybe a surprise trade breed reject or something let me know, I’m looking for one! Thank you!
  14. Hop’s Zacian just swept my team. Wtf.
  15. Of course Hop becomes that kid that just steamrolls everything with a legendary.

    I actually haven't touched the post game yet because I enjoy doing Max Raids in the Wild Area too much.
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  16. The Mewtwo Strike Back remake looks trash, although it did lead me down a Wiki hole reading about the movies. I haven't seen any since Jirachi: Wish Maker. Some of the newer girls look cute.

    This seems like perfect rainy Sunday afternoon viewing. Anyone seen it? Which movies are the best?
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  17. The best movies are the first three with the third being my personal favourite. I like a lot of them though, the one with Magearna was alright and the Diancie one.
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  18. Yeah, I love The Power of One and Spell of the Unown. I've actually randomly seen Temple of the Sea and enjoyed it. The alternate timeline series looks fun.
  19. The Manaphy movie was a personal favorite of mine, and the Shaymin movie...actually all of the Gen 4 movies were actually really good. The ones you want are Giratina and the Sky Warrior, and Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea.
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  20. So, Pokemon Home details were released according to seribii and it seems like it's utter crap. Not that it's any surprize...
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