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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Some of the Japanese Pokémon names are a scream






    Not to mention stuff like Haunter literally being called Ghost, Krabby being Crab, etc.
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  2. I just found a shiny Mr Mime and was just checking to see my distance for the week - so today isn’t so terrible.
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  3. Did they lie though?
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  4. Oh, lord, Eevee's anime voice over carried over from Let's Go? As if Pikachu alone wasn't bad enough. And eevee's is not even in sync with its animations! WHY.ARE.THEY.LIKE.THIS.
  5. Watched Mewtwo Strikes Back over the weekend and good GOD it's gorgeous. I really enjoyed it.
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  6. Eevee's voice was one of the main reasons I decided to go with Let's Go Pikachu instead. Couldn't go a whole game hearing that.
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  7. The fire type gym challenge.... Choices were made. I loved how dramatic and well presented the battle scene was though....and then Kabu approaches you sprinting/hopping, dddd.

    Edit: Scream! Not the protagonist turning around and moving away as Hop rushes after what's-his-name in a fit.
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  8. There's a special, paid Pokémon Go event starting tomorrow. Has anyone ever played one of these? I was wondering if it's worth it. It seems slightly overpriced but then again you do get a bunch of great items from it, and it does seem fun.
  9. These are all so charming, it really helps world build. Love that its kind of just slice of life from all perspectives.

  10. RJF


    Wooloo bleating for six minutes...
  11. I really wish the game looked, felt or had 0.00003% the charisma this shorts have. Even Hop seems likable.
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  12. I would honestly look to see what the research tasks will be first to determine if it's even going to be possible to complete. The items would be worth it if you play the game enough though.
    I just hate that most of the research tasks for mythical and legendary pokemon are things like "Evolve a magikarp" when Magikarp needs 400 candies to evolve it...
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  13. I've needed to catch an Aerodactyl for the last 3 months, haven't even seen one. Hatched 2 from eggs though so that's a thing.
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  14. How is this going to work when we're not really supposed to be going out and about?

    Also, the Liverpool Safari Zone has been postponed.
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  15. Well, I imagine it might be doable by just staying put and using incense. They put a set of 30 for just 1 coin on the shop, and right now they last twice as long as usual and make Pokémon spawn like crazy.
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    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Yeah I was sort of tempted to do it because I saw a post online that specifically said it had been designed to not require group play but if it still requires going out and interacting with Pokemon Go stops and gyms then probably not going to happen.
  17. It’s literally the embodiment of UwU and I hate it.
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  18. Guys, why didn't you tell me this was actually sitting in my inventory.

    Also, several pokemon have hideous aspects you wouldn't imagine just looking at their art. Grapploct actually having a "mouth" across the entire section bellow its neck where it changes from blue to "black?" A nightmare.
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  19. Given I'm spending a little more time at home indoors than usual, I've decided to try shiny hunting on Shield for the first time. First up? Galarian Zigzagoon. LOVELY COLOURS.
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  20. Obstagoon serving Pennywise the Dancing Clown is the only way to go!
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