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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. The short film made both Hop and Wooloo less likeable for me.
    Wooloo won ha overacting award, and Hop went from neurotic maniac to excitable rando - quite the downgrade.
  2. The Genesect tasks are out and it seems like they really can pretty much all be done by yourself/from home. The only one that requires walking is the hatch an egg one, but with eggs hatching twice as fast right now plus the super incubators you can get from the event, it should take very few steps.
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  3. Rob


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  4. Is Pokémon Go down for anyone else?I got the event ticket this morning and was going to go through some of the challenges now, but my game is stuck on the loading screen, which had never happened before.
  5. Since the latest update a few days ago, it's been two cases where I got the perfect catch animation (pokeball trembles in the air and then only swings once on the ground) and yet the pokemon has broken free. Was that always possible or is it a glitch? It hasn't happened to me before.
  6. That happened to me a few times when the game first came out.
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  7. The iv checker unlockable after you beat the elite 4....


    The function that allows you to select multiple pokemon only letting you move your selection in an empty space...


    Oh wait, there's more. Being able to move pokemon in box view but only if the destination box has empty space in it.


    (I have too many pokemans, my boxes are full and the game is making my life hell about it.)
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  8. That one is so dumb. And you have to have the exact same shape too, if you select four Pokémon in a line, you can't move them into a 2x2 square for example.
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  9. Or the fact that you cannot choose to have a caught pokemon go into a box if there's room in your party, or how you cannot choose exactly where to put it in the box system. It's 2020.
    Other stuff:
    - The controls for the toys and cooking are also hideous.
    - And I hate how easy it is to select the wrong mon when you want to take it back from the nursery and then it doesn't even ask you to confirm and you can't cancel your option. Give me the list along with the question rather than having it pop up right as you would normally press A at the end of the sentence. And either give me a cancel option in the screen where you ask me where I want the mon to go, or at least put another fucking line of dialogue in before that screen, it's not that hard.
    - And I would have liked a day care center equivalent... (The internet tells me SuMo didn't have one either, huh.)
  10. Do you actually enjoy playing this game haha, it always sounds like you are torturing yourself!
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  11. Same difference. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I actually have nearly none of the issues people have with the story (yet), everything is pretty, the world is more... structured than the previous gen, I have tons of new faves and I like the Wild Area as an experience.
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  12. You can use the PokéJobs to level up Pokémon if that's what you mean.
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  13. Yes, that's what I mean. I haven't even touched thought about trying those out yet.
  14. You can get some nice stuff from PokéJobs, but honestly it can be a huge hassle to use them if you keep your Pokémon organized in the boxes, because sending them on jobs always messes up the order as they don't return to the spots where they originally were. I haven't actually used them in ages.
  15. Another mess.
    Also, yet another mess is how spammy event max raid battles are. No, I probably didn't use my wishing star to find my 100th milcery, I was most likely looking for one of the standard mons spawning in the den, thanks. They really should have added separate dens to be active during the event raids. Also the number of spawns in the dens remains the same even after the entire wild area starts giving you max raids, which means you have to traverse twice as much ground for what amounts to less options available. Unless that changes again the further you progress? At the moment I am at a point where I went from having something like 5 beams in the South part alone, to 5 beams spread across the entire Wild Area.
  16. You can get 100 Pokéballs for 1 coin in Pokémon Go this week, and there will be a different 1 coin bundle on the shop every week from now on. They also increased PokéStop rewards, gift items, daily bonuses and a bunch more stuff.
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  17. I finally got my shiny Galarian Zigzagoon! Even with the shiny charm, 500+ battle and 25+ chain combos it took me well over 1000 encounters. Not sure I want to add to my collection after such a slog.
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  18. I’m playing Pokémon for the first time in years and wow, it feels fucking great.

    The gameplay style in Sword has a familiar feel but I love the improvements.

    I’m finding everything levels up SO much quicker? Maybe I just spent too much time in the wild area before that city.

    Any tips to catch early on? I have a selection but I’d like to maintain a strong six throughout so the sooner I can nail this down the better.
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  19. The more I play other good games the more I realize how utterly shit Pokémon is as a video game and the molasses pace at which its improvements and evolution crawl. The only thing they have going for them is the fact that... it's Pokémon. They struck gold once, kept going for a while and stopped mining since exactly 2013.
  20. There really aren't that many bad choices early on. Honestly, just make sure you have a good variety of types (dual type mons would help) and you will be fine.
    I'd say that opponents do level up too fast if you don't spend a lot of time in the wild area. I basically caught like 250 mons or something before going for first gym badge, and it was not that long afterwards that the game caught up with my overleveled mons, so I would definitely be having a real hard time leveling up if I was only following the main story.
    Also later on you will be able to find powerful mons in the dens and in the wild, so you won't have to train something from smaller levels if you want to put it on your team, in case that is your concern.
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