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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I would say be careful of this if you only stick to a small team - they'll likely be overlevelled before long. I had a rotating team of 12+ all at the same level by the time I reached the end of the story and it gave me the SEMBLANCE of a challenge.

    That said, the max EXP share is super useful post game for levelling up Mons to finish the Pokedex and stuff.

    On that, I've gone back to Shield after putting it down post Elite Four (haven't finished the post game or got the legendary because I don't care and will do it later) to complete the Dex as much as I can. Done reasonable job and virtually down to just the Sword exclusives or Trade-evos I need now. Is the GTS a paid exclusive on Pokemon Home?
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  2. I definitely recommend doing something like this as well. It's how I've been playing these games since like X/Y.

    No, you can access it for free. Though if you have the free version of Home you can only have one Pokémon on GTS at a time, with the paid version you can have three.
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  3. I don't understand why that is a legendary mon... The expansion looks really nice as long as there is at least twice as much content in both Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra than we have already seen. And I become more and more certain as time goes by that the main game also needs a lot of additions and improvements. Not the ones I want specifically, but...anything would do really.

    Also unbelievable how much more amazing Cinderace looks in its gigantamaxed form. It goes from trash to queen... Couldn't they give it the same head for its regular form, and just keep the ears at the length of its body rather than twice as much? (The tiny hands are still a kii. How much harm would it be if it actually kept the shape of the arms and hands of its previous forms.) G-max Inteleon is also excellent with the Gambit eyes and the fins on its back constantly opened. And Rillaboom remains, of course, unsalvageable.
  4. This expansion is really not looking to add enough to justify an additional price tag honestly. The main game was barely worth $60 so no surprise there.
  5. I think it looks great, can’t wait!!
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  6. RJF


    Have they upped the terrain graphics on the DLC? It looked far more detailed.
  7. The new areas look nice I guess.
  8. I am at the point in the game where it has all climaxed to... Leon being late for dinner? Ddddd, mess.
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  9. I still haven't finished this game, but the expansion passes look quite nice.
  10. So, yeah, that entire sequence of events was like a wild fever dream. I finished the main game, and the three things I had an issue with were:
    - How Hop did 180 degrees on his attitude but we saw none of it when that was key to his development and would have been a key addition to the main message of the story which is about sportsmanship etc. It would only be a couple lines anyway.
    - That fucking part of the story I mentioned above. A character is late for dinner and that escalates to the most combat heavy piece of action in the entire game? They needed to chill.
    The fact that Rose and Leon were seemingly having a discussion that went on for hours like "Stay a little longer..." "No, I have to go..." "But stay... Will you stay with me tomorrow...?" "I have this thing to do..." SCREAM! Did they even have sex at least? Or how Oleana was trying to obliterate two kids a couple feet away using a Gigantamaxed pokemon? I think 'fever dream' doesn't even begin to do it justice. And the story would remain intact if this stupid part was cut altogether in the first place... It was also the only part of the story that I found to be annoyingly linear.
    - There being no exploration of a new route of any sort between the 7th and 8th gym. Spikemuth was such a massive afterthought altogether and it spoiled the experience quite a bit.

    Overall I thought the game was a much more consistent and easy to stomach story/adventure (and world) than SuMo and that it was perfectly pleasant outside of these three things.
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  11. * Prays so hard *
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  12. RJF


    "Dragonite is, without question, one of the greatest Pokémon of all time."

    Miss you sis. Miss Sala M Ence really tried to come for you in Gen 3 but pretenders always get exposed. Did you see her in Gen 6? Wardrobe had her strapped in to a damn piece of cardboard! You could even see the tape they used to truss her up! Not everyone's fashion can be as timeless as yours, I guess.

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  13. the map of the new area is so small. this whole expansion pack is a joke.
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  14. It doesn't look THAT small.

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  15. Lol it’s pretty big. People are desperate to shit on this game I...
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  16. kal


    When you have to pay twice the price for half the game, I wouldn’t call people desperate to shit on it.
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  17. The DLC should be half the price of what they are charging though.
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  18. And yet we’ve payed double for a new ‘third’ game with just as much if not less content for years?!
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  19. I mean the argument is tired already - but the base game is already more expensive than the previous entries of the series but offering the same to arguably much less content. The map feels hollow, the routes are minimal and bare, etc.

    The added content should have been part of the main game to begin with or free dlc to fix what made this game feel so soulless. But instead we get - again - in my opinion a small area - and can pay for it again.

    I don´t want "to shit on this game" but sword+shield is the first entry in the series which really left me frustrated and disappointed (gameplay + release strategy) and I have been a fan of the series from the very beginning. But from the looks of it, I can only imagine they´ll follow this tactic with future games aswell.
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