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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Y'all, Pokemon Emerald or Moon? (Or something else?)
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  3. Hmmt. Why? I keep seeing Diamond and Pearl rated low. I haven't played since Gold and Silver so I don't know shit though. I mostly want to play with femme queens.
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    Oh! Then do the Gold/Silver remakes!
  5. I want something new so I'll go with Platinum. Which (new) Pokemon do you recommend? I'm gonna pick the water starter.
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  6. The water starter in gen 4 is one of my all time favourites.
  7. Shinx, Starly, Gligar (not new but evolves into Gliscor in this game), Ralts (evolves into Gardevoir or Gallade), Riolu (you get it from an egg around sixth gym)
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  8. Question for anyone still playing on the 3DS: Do any of you have a spare Zeraora that you’re willing to part with? I missed the event and thought I was fine but now it’s really bugging me.
  9. Platinum is the best game and a bar GF never will clear again.
  10. I started Platinum last night nn. About to reach my first gym.
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  11. I have a few from the event if you want one? I don’t have my 3DS though so wouldn’t be able to trade till tomorrow?!
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  12. Ooh yes please, thank you! I can wait. Is there any Pokémon you’re looking for with a Hidden Ability? I can see if I have them and then I can breed it?
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  13. Ah no it’s OK anything is fine, thanks though! I’ll message you tomorrow when I’ve got it set up.
  14. So, Zarude's signature move is Jungle Healing (lvl 90, heals self and allies, removes status conditions), making it make even more sense as Thwackey's evolution...
  15. But... he’s not a drummer? Granted, he looks like a tweaker (the face mostly) compared to Rillaboom so he could have just been given a drum kit and been a punk rockaaaaa instead of a Hair Metal drummer.
  16. I don't think he'd need to be a drummer at all, though. Rillaboom's previous forms don't have the drums anyway, and they could be trading their... drumsticks (they are actually claves) for whatever (I suppose those rings/bracelets/bangles on Zarude's arms do make sound/music or could be presented as such if the creators wanted them to) in the same way that Drizzile trades waterbombs for... that sniper thing Salazzle does.

    But, yeah, what makes Zarude a much more obvious evolution for Thwackey than Rillaboom is the design. Its limbs are different, but its main body and head are a direct evolution from Thwackey's.

    They should've kept Rillaboom for, like, Simisage or something equally irrelevant. Rillaboom has markings that look like they come from a suit anyway and the simis were designed to support the restaurant concept of their trainers, which wearing a suit would serve well.
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    Rillaboom is fine.
  18. Rillaboom is my favorite of the three Galar starters. I can see a clear progression of ideas with him.

    Zarude just looks rabid (despite his story). Which is the opposite of what the Grookey line is going for.
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  19. Rillaboom is literally the ugliest starter final evolution, by far. It looks like a Biker Mice From Mars or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character. Zarude is way better.
  20. This is iconic and it makes me stan Rillaboom even more. It is my fave gen 8 final evolution starter and behind Torterra for the grass one.
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