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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. A-Meowth, Pineco and Clamperl all have vastly increased shiny odds as they’re considered rare spawns.
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  2. Finally tried out the Mystery Dungeon DX demo! It was achingly pure and sweet. I liked how close to the main titles it seems to be as a system (types, moves, abilities, stats) and how immersive it felt, but also hated the autosave, the time that kept running out even if you did nothing in dojo drills, how you were not automatically turned towards the closest enemy or how there was no clear indication/information about the range of each attack. I guess I'll get it if I come across a used or discounted copy? Does it have enough content in your opinion?
  3. Went back to Sword for the first time in ages to catch a couple of Gigantamax Eevees. I did enjoy my time with the game a lot, but I'm beyond sick of the endlessly repetitive wild area raid gameplay. I really hope the expansions aren't too heavy on that, or that if they are, that they at least improve on it a lot.
  4. Did anyone get a few Gigantamax Pikachu? I thought it ended later for some reason and missed out!
  5. Did you update the wild area news or tried to get a mystery gift? Because if not you should still be able to find them. Or is it different for people who trade and battle online?
  6. Thank you for the tips @soratami and @Solenciennes, I finally beat my first leader! Now for the other two.
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  7. I didn’t even start it so I’m still on the previous one hah!
  8. Well.. fuck Pikachu because I just caught a shiny Gmax Eevee.
  9. Apparently more pokemon game files have been leaking showing that game freak was planning on releasing pokemon blue and pokemon yellow gba remakes (perhaps alongside fire red instead of leaf green) and maybe even source code for those?

    I haven't read more on the leaks but thats kind of fascinating. In the early years they had a LOT of projects going. I wonder what DS or 3DS source code/demos will leak to finally give us closure on what happened to Z version or if there was any other games planned for the DS gen?
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  10. Please do alert us if they share anything more such as sprites etc. Where do people go for such news anyway? On reddit?
  11. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I haven't touched Sword since I got Animal Crossing. I probably should go back and finish the story before I completely forget where I was up to.
  12. Well, I finished White. Maybe no longer Team Plasma but definitely still Team Original N. I hate that the moral is essentially "everyone has different perspectives and we should respect that :))." Not in a post-Trump world hunty.

    I'll probably start White 2 today. (I'm also praying I can get X/Y to work on my Mac via Citra—anyone have experience with that?). Are any of the postgames worth it? I might go back to Platinum for the postgame (and Cresselia).
  13. It's quite a fun and charming game, and it does have a lot of content. It's definitely worth it if you enjoy that type of gameplay. You can see information about each of the moves in a Pokémon's stats menu by the way, including range. Well, at least in the full game you can, not sure if it's in the demo or not.
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  14. Okay, girls. I ran into Gigantamax Eevee for the first time today, and what is with that terrifying cry it makes? Good lord, please give me back the original cry.
  15. The shiny gods are looking after me this month, the Groudon you get from the Hoenn reasearxh was shiny!

  16. Guys, make sure you do the Mystery gift in Sword/Shield to get Galarian Mr. Mime with its hidden ability and a set of balls (lure, heavy, dream, something else).

    I hope they have another ball distribution when the second DLC comes out.

    EDIT: Full announcement. For the next four weeks they are delivering a Galarian Form Pokémon with it’s hidden ability and some bonus goodies. I have all of those already but since I want some of my Galar team in apriballs and I missed the other ball distribution, I’m gonna submit. *cries*

    I laughed so hard when I heard this on YouTube but I wasn’t prepared for Gigantamax Pikachu’s cry.

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  17. I finished the main story in Shield finally, it’s the first Pokemon game I’ve played solidly since Sapphire - is it worth going back and playing any of the others? What’s the best generation I’ve missed?
  18. I think it’s worth playing Platinum, Black/White, X/Y and UltraSun/UltraMoon at the very least.
    I’d actually argue that Sun and Moon are better than their updated counterparts purely for story reasons, but if you don’t give a damn about that just go for the Ultras.

    Maybe play Alpha Saphire for a nostalgia kick if that’s your thing. HeartGold and SoulSilver are pretty much Platinum-but-make-it-Johto-and-Kanto.
    You can safely skip the “Let’s Go” games.
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  19. I haven't finished Gen 6/7 and still haven't bought 8 (i intend to eventually ddd) so i'm not a Pokemon connoisseur or anything but I loved Black & White. The geography of the region, the fully realised narrative and villains, the... high fashion Pokemon designs that were a little too couture for certain taste-buds

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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