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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Haha loads of mine are like this because I EV them with vitamins and then tweak with wings sometimes I’m too lazy to add the last couple! Haha well not lazy, more stingy.

    As he got all of his mons from subscribers I guess he got a mixture of different ev methods.
  2. No, what I meant is that there will always be those couple of EVs that are not enough to translate into a full point of whatever stat and are just useless. Gamefreak could have easily lowered or raised the amount of max EVs so that it wouldn't happen. Is there a point in their existence that I am unaware of?
  3. Oh sorry haha. Ummm i think I’m misremembering that a point changes between level 50 and level 100. I think those two Evs are pointless.
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  4. This legend is back

  5. Now I really want to play Platinum again. Also I've been binge watching her videos and she's so entertaining.
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  6. The art style is what it is in these images, but chibi Jynx makes so much more sense in terms of anatomy:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Like, even underneath the dress it is not hard to assume it has a similar body-structure to that of Smoochum, whereas the official gives zero hints as to what Jynx's body might be like, and all I see is this.
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  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Let’s shy away from insulting appearances.
  8. kal


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  9. Yeah, they are definitely going to keep introducing and abandoning gimmicks like the TCG...
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  10. kal


    I get why they're doing it, but some gimmicks are objectively better than others. Therefore, they should stay, instead of getting replaced every other generation.
  11. Or just rotate them in and out. But, sure, I don't understand why they have to go away in general. Don't add new forms, but at least let people engage in those kinds of battles if they'd like? Just decide what stays and goes with regards to the VGC exclusively and keep everything in the games. Likewise for the cut moves and pokemon.
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  12. That is probably the easiest guess there could be. It’s such a lame name. I want something more akin to Soul and Hearts naming.

    Also I think we can 100% expect raids in the remakes. It’s been one of the highlights of Sword and Shield for many, definitely something that’s kept people playing. I expect Mt Coronet to be one big area filled with raids and dynamax. I’m half expecting Arceus to have it’s only story line too, a bit like Deoxys, woven in with dynamax.
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    Sorry. I didn’t pay attention to the date. Weird that Facebook decided to serve it to me today.
  15. Even if its real Max DP can be just a code name. Just like Sun and Moon were called Niji/rainbow.

    I suppose dynamax might stay but we'll have to wait and see.

    Personally i really dislike how max raids battles pretty much replaced regular trainer battles. They're fun but they shouldnt be put as basically the only option for battles and thats how it was with dlc.
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  16. Raid battles are honestly a bit of a chore once the novelty wears off. They're always more or less the same, and takes such a long time between actions.
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  17. If we could:
    - Directly control the NPCs
    - Have the NPCs Cheer On when their mons have fainted and
    - Choose to use (an enhanced version of) a regular move from our moveset instead of a max/g-max move if we wanted to
    They would be fine.
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  18. Uno


    Finally got a Switch for Christmas and downloaded Pokémon Shield! Not a big fan of the Dynamax aspect; I miss Mega-evolutions.

    Side question: Are all Pokémon defaulted to their Galar abilities (ie: I want a Koffing with Levitate, but can only find ones with Neutralizing Gas)?
  19. I still haven't played Sword/Shield, but I picked up Mystery Dungeon dddd. I think I like? Not sure I have the hang of battling yet.
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  20. You know what's the best thing about the game? Stealing from Kecleon. Trust me!
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