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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. People missing Mega Evos is the turn I didn’t expect to see but then again Dyna/Gigantamax are just reductive versions of it anyways. I dislike both for their own reasons (Some Megas should’ve been actual evolutions and Dynamax forms are just a retread of Mega Evoultion).

    The remake of the Sinnoh games having Dynamax gimmick makes sense since ORAS introduced Mega Evos to the Hoenn storyline.

    Koffing still has “Levitate” in Gen 8 (or else it would’ve been replaced like with what happened to Gengar’s ability in Gen 7). You just need to catch/breed one to get the opposite main ability or use the ability capsule.
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  2. I'm not a huge fan of either mechanic, but I over time I've come to realize Dynamax is a better version of Mega Evolution. Dynamax being available to all and being more transient than a Mega, along with GMax formes being available to Pokemon that aren't fully evolved makes more sense to me as a temporary super form. A handful of 1 or 2 stage Pokemon getting a temporary, essentially useless in-battle-only evolution (which 9/10 would have better served as a proper evolution) is even stupider in retrospect. I hope the only time we ever have to look back to Mega Evolution is to retcon a bunch as separate Pokemon. Pokemon becoming kaiju also at least has a whimsical element to it, and harks back to an early influence on the franchise.
  3. I finished up my Platinum playthrough the other day. Was planning on raising my team to level 55 to face the Elite Four but who honestly has the time and I just went in at lv. 50 instead and I did fine, Gyarados is honestly a monster.

    Then I hopped onto White 2 to see where I had left off and I've been having a good time with it. The battle UI is still ugly and the music isn't that good but the world looks very vibrant and non-linear (for a Pokémon game).

    The random trainers are also presenting a good challenge - I have 6 badges and some have lv. 47 Pokémon, which is nice.
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  4. Wait, Grookey looks good here?
    They essentially changed the head-mask-eyes-mouth proportions, and they even gave it a more structured body. Make it canon in the main games please!

    Edit: Also the more vibrant/saturated colors and more developed arms are excellent improvements on Sobble:

    Other highlights:
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  5. The Café Mix art style/character designs are really lovely, I definitely wouldn't mind them using that style for future games as well.
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  6. Scorbunny is still my favourite starter design ever. A shame they kind of wasted the potential for its evolution

  7. If this was the regular form of cinderace though? (But also with arms shaped like in its previous two forms.)

    I would have never stanned a starter so hard before.
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  8. I like him but his tube legs bother me, it seems very out of place / not on style. Fennekin is probably my all time favourite starter design, but again, the final evolution squandered all potential.
  9. AY! My little drummer Grookey always looked great! CrazyeyeNadine.gif

    I don’t particularly care for Cafe’s art style but they do all look cute. Though I chuckled when someone on Twitter said the only Pokémon that doesn’t look good in the artstyle is Pikachu!
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  10. I’m still constantly amazed at how awful the design for Cinderace is.
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  11. Honestly the gen 8 starters as a trio are probably my least favorite. I dont dislike them, i do enjoy them as pokemon but they just dont seem to me as strong designs as all previous starter groups. The base trio is great, middle stage is ok-ish but the final stages arent all that. Still im sure they'll grow on me even more over the years
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  12. I just think Scorbunny is such a god damn great design, especially in motion. My little bunny queen!
  13. I do think the gen 8 starters are all great, but unfortunately their evolutions range from kinda decent to abysmally bad.
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  14. I think I haven't seen this before so I thought I should share:
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  15. She snapped

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  16. Gagginggggg

    Though ruined by the fact this is so someone’s fetish.
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  17. I think Popplio is my favourite starter. Probably no surprise in my case considering its typing!

    [​IMG]This vegan-friendly queen would be right behind.

  18. My favorite Pokemon is, and has always been, Lapras actually.
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  19. [​IMG]
  20. Just got an email with a Zarude code from The Pokémon Company hehe.
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