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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I love Popplio and the idea of Primarina (siren selkie? Queen) but it ended up too overdesigned and oddly proportioned. Primarina barely looks like it could swim.
  2. She’s an opera diva. She doesn’t need to swim, dahling!
  3. My top three would have to be
    and 3.

    But i do enjoy all of the starters, some more, some less but each one has a place in my heart.
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  4. 4 mono-grass, 4 mono-water and 3 fire/fighting starters is a bigger flaw than their actual designs (a few are hideous). Some movepools are sad, but that could be the case for any mon.

    It would be great if all starters actually grew into type combos that cover for their weaknesses.

    It is similar to how they give them the most useless abilities when they could be giving them the most interesting or at least the most fancy.

    Anyway, what Charizard variant do you think we are getting next?
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  5. Random note about my favorite starter:
    My high school had an unofficial "Mudkip club" that ran for about four years, up until the founders graduated.
    It started as just a bunch of kids who wanted to pull a prank capitalizing off the "so i herd u liek Mudkip" meme.
    Every year on April 2nd the members would have "Mudkip Day."
    We put up signs around the school calling on people to "Save the Mudkips!" from habitat loss, saying that they were endangered like it does in the Pokédex.
    One of my proudest moments of high school was following a teacher down a hallway as he ripped the signs down, where I (halfway down the hallway) put up a new poster to replace each one he ripped down.
    The last year of the club's existence, the school recognized that it was harmless fun and even allowed the club to have their picture in the yearbook with all the other clubs.

    Mudkip was already my favorite because 1) I always preferred water-types and 2) Sapphire was my first Pokémon game, but I have an extra layer of affection for Mudkip now because of Mudkip Day.

  6. Cackling!
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  7. Ddd, the collaboration reveal... Good on both sides though I guess?
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  8. I can’t imagine she’d be the only one though?
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  9. Okay but what a cute video! Loved all little the references to the different games and generations.
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  10. 1B1184B3-B30C-4682-A1A5-3FE5B6FADFEB.jpeg

    I looooove this so much! The fact they also referenced their Gen’s mechanic/gimmicks as well? Chef’s kiss
  11. It's being called a 'music program' which I don't understand but a new Katy Perry song already has me drooling.

    Katy has low key amazing taste so I wouldn't mind it if she led a soundtrack?
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  12. A Katy Perry Pokémon themed album would be unexpected but potentially brilliant.
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  13. 11 track album out October 16th
  14. Dua Lipa has got to be one of them, I'm manifesting it.
  15. If it means she gets to fly to Tokyo then I'm sure she will!
  16. I knew it! I knew it was gonna be a multiple artist project.
  17. Rob


    Isn't Ari a big Pokemon fan as well? This album could be lit.
  18. Okay, this looks amazing.

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  19. Crying!
  20. MEGANIUM!!!!
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