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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Meganium getting on the boxart, I know that's right!
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  2. Im quaking?

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  3. It looks so good! Great that it's out in just three months too.
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  4. I’m so happy!
  5. Hmm, Torhic's flames and Hippodon's sand looked a bit shit compared to how amazing everything else looked, so I'll remain cautiously optimistic.

    Even so, it still looks like a next gen game compared to the other Pokemon games for the Switch, what the hell.
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  6. ...so that's yet another Pokémon spin-off game that looks better than the main series. Pretends_to_be_shocked.gif

    But wow, I'm really looking forward to this. I never got to play the original N64 one, but I already know I'm going to love this.
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  7. (I dont think it looks good at all. The art direction of pokemon games on the switch is a mess...)
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  8. I am not sure... I think in the trailer released today, what we saw was convincing as a "world" and definitely looks better than everything in the mainline games. The original trailer/teaser did not look all that good though so what is the truth?

    Edit: Looking at the older trailer again it's not all that different. Obviously they picked better moments for the new one.

  9. This makes me happy. I’m always afraid that they won’t include this with each subsequent game/spin off due to ORAS.
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  10. Pokemon Snap looking like everything the Wild Area wishes it was.
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  11. I am so excited for this release!!! It looks beautiful and will be a great stress-relieving game.
  12. Rob


    The fact that licensed third parties can make a better looking game than GameFreak is beyond tragic.
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  13. The fact that I'm more excited about Pokemon Snap and that album than I ever was about Sword and Shield...
  14. Pokemon Snap was one of my most played games as a kid, so I've been waiting for this for...a long ass time. It looks good!

    I hope we get more variety in environments. Give me something boreal.
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  16. I’m actually perched for the Gen 4 remake. Assuming they don’t cut content from the original and add in worthwhile new content (Including but not limited to a Giratina episode and allowing us to capture Darkrai in game without an event, and maybe even Arceus with the azure flute!), this could be the best remake.

    I might actually buy both versions this time unlike with SwSh.
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  17. The new Snap looks so fantastic. And yes, I'm more excited for it than I ever was for Sword/Shield.
  18. Not specifying that they'd be remakes is not leaving me hopeful.
  19. But it says "remakes"...?
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