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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Oops, didn't bother to read that assuming it would be exactly the same as the English one.
  2. RJF


    Having a remake be the main title game during an anniversary year is a little strange, but we'll see I guess.
  3. Perfect way to represent a series that rides nostalgia as hard as it does.
  4. The Snap characters look is giving me Battle Revolution teas. I’m not mad.
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  5. More on the Diamond/Pearl remake rumor.

  6. I’d rather Gamefreak waited longer and took their time because after Sw/Sh it needs to look and feel right. And if they pull an OrAs and there is no Platinum content then honestly I despair. The distortion world needs to be there. Also everyone pray for Mt Coronet. After the Armour and Crown cave maps it could still happen!

    Also as I’ve said before I’m hopeful they will add a new storyline or two to make the lore more impactful. Hopefully some Arceus content.
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  7. Yeah they’re working with a great base game but I just don’t trust Game Freak after the last few generations, to be honest.
  8. Gen 4 is my absolute favourite in the series. They’re on thin ice with me anyway after Sw/Sh so if they fuck this up I’ll probably duck out of the franchise altogether.
  9. Precisely how I feel; very cautiously hopeful they don't fuck it up too hard. I'd kind of love to see them transform Mt. Coronet into a Wild Area of sorts though since its basically already one with how you unlock new areas of it as you progress.

    That said if we don't get Distortion World in beautiful 3D it's a boot.
  10. Ddd, I hated Gen 4 because it was such a slog to get through but my excitement for a remake is through the roof.

    I think they’ll take the SwSh feedback into consideration but my fear is that it is too late for the feedback on the DLC to be implemented for the DP remakes since game companies tend to have different teams working on games to expedite the process and “close the gap” between release dates.
  11. Rob


    GameFreak taking on feedback and listening to the most-requested features to better the series?

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  12. I finally joined a discord for raids on Pokemon Go because what the hell, how is anyone going to catch 2 Kyogre and 2 Groudon at the moment. What a revelation, I should have done it years ago!
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  13. I just realised I never got the Zarude code despite being signed to the newsletter, and apparently this happened to a lot of people too. Did any of you actually get it?
  14. Oui!
  15. Yeah I got my email code after already trudging to a Game shop to get one.

    I've used them both ddd.
  16. Same! After years of wanting Kyogre anyway and now I have 10 and a shiny.
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  17. RJF


    Oh I should probably fire up my Switch and use my code.
  18. A Pixel artist made Gameboy sprites for new pokemon. Cute.
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  19. Skwovet, battaskewda and hatterene are actually improved there...
    edit: Milcery, eiscue and regidrago too.
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