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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Falinks and Eternatus as well!
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  2. I stan the original TCG game for the Game Boy Color and I wish it was a thing again. I'd LIVE for a 2021 version of it bc I'm lame like that.
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  3. kal


  4. There is a desktop version of this as well. (It was exclusively for PCs before becoming available as an app if I remember correctly)

    The card game is really fun. Haven't played the TCGO in years so unsure about how fully developed its solo campaign may be at this point (it wasn't much at all back in the day) but I'd pay for a new take on the original video game with a full league, trainers, etc. With all the data on decks used competitively all these years, they could do some great things with the NPCs/league.

    It would be nice if a video game could also take a few liberties and introduce new concepts. Things that could change:
    - Mons represented. The representation of mons is rather poor in the TCG in my opinion. Some have only had a couple of cards made for them, a few may have none. Certain ones like the babies were tied to shitty gimmicks, and the mons themselves were abandoned along with those mechanics and never revisited again (I think). Reskinning a few cards so that all mons are in the game would be cute.
    - They have yet to figure out the representation of types. It is still crap after all these years. The poison type mons were categorized under the psychic type until very recently for example. Now they are part of the dark type which at least fits better thematically. I get they cannot print one type of energy for every type, but maybe separating pokemon types from energy types, with 9 energy types corresponding to 2 pokemon types each would work. They also did dual types for a moment but they abandoned the concept after a couple of sets. Move types would also be a fun concept to explore.
    - Deck building could be gamified or otherwise get some support, especially in the context of a standalone video game. It is extremely easy to make shitty decks and the offical guidelines are little more than "you should use all types of cards!" Woah, thanks. Maybe unlocking premade decks to build on would be enough? (Did the original game had these? I think it did.)
    - It is too easy to get stuck and rendered defenseless. While that is, of course, a result of poor decisions (not really true if you play with official theme decks, they are inherently problematic), the game could have rules in place to mitigate the occurence of "I'm just waiting for my opponent to kill my team" situations in a way that is still fair to both players. People often mention how losers and not winners should be the ones to draw the price cards when their mons are killed for example. Or if the game allowed all players to set up their mons easier per turn. (Similar to how mana from Magic the Gathering works, where cards that offer energy reset and provide all the energy they have to offer all over again every turn.) Maybe adding the ability to have a single card (a trainer card? a new type of card?) available every single turn no matter what would be useful in this regard.
    - Power. Like with all TCGs, there are cards that are plain trash, and others that are OP. It is usually the small single-stage mons (dunsparce, sableye) and cute looking legendaries/mythicals (mew, manaphy etc) that suffer most, so one way to mitigate that would be to introduce leveling up, working just like evolution. If all mons started out weak and had three stages each (even the ones that cannot evolve), it would balance things quite a bit.
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  5. Well, I contacted customer support and after a bit of back and forth they finally sent me a replacement code yesterday evening. Tried using it today and


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  6. Oh, wow. I hope this distribution was so fucked that they won't bother again and put everything in the game from the start as they should be doing anyway.
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  7. The one thing you can do is set up a new profile on your Switch start up Pokemon and it'll be a new file on that profile then play until you can redeem the code. If you have Home you can transfer it to your main save. A bit of a faff but it should work.
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  8. I'm not sure I get this. If the code doesn't work on my main account, why would it work on a different one?
  9. Yes! I have it and downloaded it again when they re released it on 3DS, I love it so much. There was a sequel only released in Japan but you can find a fan translation online.
  10. It's just that save file I believe. Create a second save on a second profile.
  11. No, once a code is used it’s used you can’t just use it again on a different file.

    SOURCE: Hunting down the code on Twitter and Reddit and being met with a bunch of used ones before getting one that works. Remember, they connect to the internet with these codes.

    They won’t. Legit told me to fix my account myself before the next distribution (after giving me a new code). xxx
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  12. Oh whoops I miss read the situation, I thought a different code of the same event had been redeemed already. So they must have sent out a code that had already been sent to someone else?
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  13. Yeah that must have been it. I explained the situation and asked them for another code, so hopefully I'll get it soon. A lot of people didn't get the code either, they really should have just done a new distribution or something.
  14. Hope that you get one!

    I just don't get the sense in a code event in a pandemic anyway. It's idiotic when the option for an online event is available. Like, I get it under normal circumstances, you want people to be enticed into shops and to buy other merchandise but... now is not the time. I preferred the old in store wi-fi events, you could just stand outside haha.
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  15. What would you even need to fix? (I didn't get a code either, however I am not going to pursue it as did manage to get one from a local distribution.)
  16. They already sent me a working code actually!

    So that's Zarude registered and my Home Pokédex at 898/898

  17. RJF


    My Home Pokédex is... annoying. I completed the National completely in Gen 6 and have just been updating it since then. My Pokédex was registered as complete in Bank, but in the move, it's now missing like forty Pokémon? Annoying shit like Ekans and other weird miscellaneous 'mons. I don't know why. The only thing that should be missing is the Ultra Beasts, which I... didn't care about capturing.
  18. They gave me a set of directions that included A) checking the promotions box (duh) B) deleting my email and then putting the email in again (which didn’t work) and finally C) using a different email (in which case, I might as well make a new account for better odds instead of using my same one).

    This isn’t the first time a distribution through the newsletter is fucked up. They need to either revise it so that you simply just log on and play a shit easy mini game or something, or just give it as a standard WiFi distribution. A part of hopes that they will see the overwhelming amount of people upset over it but I doubt it.
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