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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Rob


    Not these just looking like the robot from Lost in Space.

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  2. Do we expect announcements to start on the 26th/27th or later? Do we know?
  3. What i think would be cool:
    DP remakes
    New mystery dungeon game that focuses on gen 7 and 8 new mons (not only of course), i knoww we had a remake last year but we need something new
    New series of movies/specials that follow/focus more on the game scenarios.

    What i expect
    More mobile shit
    Lets go 2
    More mobile shit
    RBY on the Switch
    More mobile shit
    New Ash in Kanto movie featuring Charizard and Gigantamax Mewtwo
    More mobile shit?
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  4. The talent of the beta Jumpluff line.... Hopefully they show up as a regional variant some day so that I can pretend the original never existed, like with the zigzagoon line:

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  5. The entire Jumpluff line is iconic, just ask the Whimsicott and Eldegloss lines.

    Ha impact.
  6. Mama these are digimon
  7. Yeah, the final Jumpluff design is way better dd
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  8. The first two stages are literally the same as the final versions though, except without legs. The third is simply a vast improvement over the abomination that the final/official Jumpluff is. In my opinion!
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  9. These would be cute regional variants, but overall I definitely prefer the final Jumpluff design.

    Thinking about it, the Jumpluff line is one of the many that I usually pay dust in the main games, but that I kind of fell in love with because of the adorable personality they were given in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (see also: Wigglytuff, Kecleon, Lombre, Chatot, Bidoof, Chimecho, and quite a few others).
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  10. The Hopip line is one I absolutely hated up until recently. I don’t know why, I think it’s because Hopip looks cute and the subsequent evolutions look... dull. I still am not a fan of Jumpluff.
  11. Jumpluff is one of those Pokemon I've always wanted to use in a playthrough, but the pathetic offensive stats are just too limiting. I used Umbreon once in Platinum and I vowed to never bother with defensive/support mons again nn.

    In regards to design, I think it's final design is great. The three puffs at least give it greater distinction from the other puffy grass types.
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  12. Has anyone here captured a Xerneas via Dynamax Adventures?

    I am TIRED of running into Mewtwo.

  13. SCREAM! I thought this was a shitpost. Was it that difficult to implement an On/Off toggle?
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  14. Hot take? I've never had an issue with the EXP Share. It's convenient! An on/off toggle seems like a no brainer of course, but there are bigger issues to be dealt with nn.

    There are other ways to address overleveling or low difficulty.
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  15. I have always loved the Exp. Share but not allowing the option to turn it off is a pretty shitty move as it’s not everyone’s strategy on how to play the game. The quote shows a very poor thought process as it once again puts the onus of a “more challenging” game on the player (such as the nuzlockes) instead of including a “Hard Mode” from the get go or even the simple option to turn the Exp. Share off.

    Just because there are “bigger issues” doesn’t mean the other issues can’t be discussed. That’s the point of a thread on a discussion forum, nn.
  16. That's not what I said.
  17. I actually never used Exp Share until I was forced into it. Can't say I am really mad about it though.
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  18. What, don't you love the penalty of only being allowed to have a single mon in your team, if you decide that you don't want your other mons growing without being used?
    You are weird.

    They literally said "if you enjoy battling with you mons before they are fully evolved you are not allowed to have fun."

    I don't think Mr Blonde meant it was not worth discussing, just that so many things about the games are an absolute disaster that it is not a priority for them personally to see this resolved.

    (Of course I personally disagree with that too, as it is such an easy and substantial fix that they should get it out of the way asap and it shouldn't have even happened in the first place.)
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  19. ...all aboard the hype train?

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  20. RJF


    What is wrong with Nintendo
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