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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. A lot, but what exactly are you referring to?
  2. RJF


    No Collection on the Switch just feels... counter-intuitive to profits.
  3. I don’t really understand that point. Was that an expected thing? What’s meant by it exactly? Only one version, not split?
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  4. I suppose they'd rather save them for remakes that they can sell as full-price titles even though they come with less content than the originals.

    There was a rumour that the earlier games (I think the GB, GBC, and GBA ones?) would be released as a Switch collection à la Super Mario 3D All-Stars.
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  5. The way they based a game on the UK and gave us the worst styled female protagonist in history. The lumpy shapeless cardigan. The Jimmy hat. The obscured dress silhouette making it look like she's on the way home from the night before wearing whatever the guy who took her home didn't mind losing forever. The Karen cut. The tartan socks and Doc Martens. Her name being Gloria... this girl makes me sick.

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  6. I just wanted to highlight this post after playing Ranked for a bit and battling entire teams composed of legendaries.

    Having to fight Kyogre and Zacian over and over is... exhausting. When does Series 9 start again?
  7. I tried to play the DLC and it's so so so so bad. It's just bad bad bad. Bad animations, bad graphics, bad storyline. I'm gutted because all I want is the new bird legend forms
  8. Its clear the main idea for both dlcs was the same: add some extra pokemon in another wild area and include some not-so-interesting short storyline. Thats all it has really.

    Im really afraid about next game, especially if its DP remakes.
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  9. The animations and graphics are exactly the same as the main game, not sure what you were expecting dd. That said, at least the areas look a lot better than the wild area. Personally I thought that while Isle of Armor was kind of whatever, Crown Tundra was actually quite great, I enjoy it a lot.
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  10. It's not really about expecting. Calyrex is really cool, I was fully prepared and ready to fall into the DLC but the town, the people in the town, the way everything moves and reacts is just... dead? Even when you finally catch him and you're strolling around the village with him there's nothing. It's so JANKY
  11. Yeah everyone I know is aware Gen 4 is my favorite generation and they've been asking me if I'm excited for next week and I'm just... scared. All they need to do is put Platinum on the Switch with the upgraded graphics and engine yet somehow there is so much that could go wrong.
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  12. I am scared too, but seeing them lowering the bar that much time and time again only makes it easier to simply stop caring for the franchise if I reach that point. Also with remakes, unless they fuck up the mechanics (Let's Go) it will always be a pleasant experience to see the older game with updated graphics.... So this is probably NOT where several people are going to quit the series.
  13. I don’t think people will anyways. There’s so many self-righteous stans that not only claim that SwSh are the best Pokémon games but also shut down any critique and claim that we should just all be grateful for what we get.
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  14. I think Let's Go capture mechanics were in the rumor mill for the D/P remakes actually. 3 more days until I can decide whether or not I officially drop the franchise for good, especially since the TCG market is absolutely fucked by pandemic setbacks and scalpers and inflated prices.
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  15. I don’t mind the Let’s Go capture mechanics but I feel it should be exclusive to a reimagined Pal Park. Like have Pal Park be where Pokémon GO pokémon can be transferred in with that catch mechanic.
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  16. I don't mind the handheld Let's Go catching mechanics (I love them, actually - the docked version is pointless though) as long as it is an optional method and as long as it does not replace the actual battles. I like the idea of applying it to Pal Park too, however I'd like it outside of that context as well.
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  17. Oh I hated the handheld version, ddd. Me tossing the pokéball controller gave me so much LIFE.
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  18. Ddd, wasn't it automated though? Like you couldn't miss or anything and it was just an alternative to pressing the button, no?
  19. Nope, you could definitely miss them; especially smaller, more agile 'mons. I thought it was fun, though. However, since I only have a Switch Lite, I don't know how well it works in docked mode.
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